Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media in Society

Today people social media is not just to connect and chat on an online platform but share, talk learn and do much more stuff online. Social media has created itself a big requirement in the digital market today not just for the connecting and sharing but marketing and advertising as well. We cannot segregate it to the top 4 to 5 most used platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Today youtube is also a big social media platform where we majorly go to watch videos but we connect through comments and personal messages and much more. Also, today TikTok which is one of the most used social media platforms today is the second version of youtube where people connect, chat and share different posts. There are a number of advantages of these advanced platforms today but at the same time, these have their disadvantages as well.

Social Media Advantages:

#1. Better Connectivity:

Before internet connectivity, we had telephones with telegrams and before that the letters which were the only way of communication and socializing. The first-ever social media platform was Six Degrees which lasted up to 2001 and in 2002 Friendster was launched which. These two were similar in use where you can create a personal space to connect and contact on the internet. In 2004 Facebook which is like the ace in the social media market today was launched. There we could share, chat, connect, friend and do much more. There are no boundaries of states or even countries where we can talk, share and connect easily with a minimal internet connection. We today numerous apps and websites where we connect and talk with people all over the globe.

#2. Education:

Education is important today and we do get through our studies and here today in our daily lives social media is a great source of education. It does not educate us in the same way but somewhat different. Considering YouTube as an example, experts do have their channels where they create videos on educating on different things to different people accordingly.

#3. Help:

Social media platform could be used anonymously as well. If a person is in a problem and needs some help with something which he cannot share with his or her name, he can share anonymously and in case of money requirement also people gather together to help as even if a person helps a minor share there can be millions to reach out to who could help them.

#4. Updates and News:

Today most of the news and print media are biased which makes it really difficult to get to know exact news in the market and world. We also get to know different updates in different fields from the experts. For example, A digital marketing person would follow Neil Patel for updates in regular updates in the digital marketing field.

#5. Law enforcement tool:

Today people use social media much more than watching the news or anything else. Thus the law enforcement officials do have their own personal profiles where they update about new laws and problems that happen. We could also contact them ourselves with our personal profiles for help or any other issue. Also, today if people see a crime happening around they do record and share it on the social media which tells other people and law enforcement departments about this.

#6. Socializing skill development:

Many of us are really shy due to their upbringing and culture sometimes. Social media actually helps them build their confidence without actually making them talk or confront others they could just share their thoughts and contact through chats and much more.

#7. Business and Product Marketing:

Social Media is one of the most used platforms for business and product promotion. Different platforms work differently and almost every social media platform is used to promote some or other business and products accordingly.

#8. Social Work:

Social work or any Nobel cause could be helped in a really great way with these social media platforms. When there is any disaster in any part of the country or even world people do get to know about the quick and also people get to know different types of ways with which they could help the affected.

#9. Exposure to Creativity:

Today we can find different types of content creators on different platforms who use their creativity and get the focus of the people on themselves. It is really easy to get popular if you have talent today. You have to create your thing and share as the marketing is done by others who see as we share anything we like on our social media platforms to tell other people about it.

#10. Helps connect people who in person we cannot:

We do love different celebrities and different people on the internet for their work, looks and any other thing. Social Media helps us to connect and know more about them, even chat sometimes.

Social Media Disadvantages:

#1. Addiction:

Social Media is a real addiction today. The addictive behaviour here sometimes really disturbs the personal lives of people. Today a teen really uses most of his time on electronic gadgets with majorly focusing on social media platforms. Here we use our time more than that we should which is a waste and which could be used in other productive things.

#2. Hacking:

Social Media account signup and login requires some personal data. These personal data are many times hacked and this might be misused in some or other way. A person’s identity could be easily damaged if his account is occupied or used by some hacker for which we need to keep our accounts secure.

#3. Cyberbullying:

Cyberbullying is a real crime that disturbs people and damages them mentally. Many children yet have faced the problem of cyberbullying. Today anyone can create a fake account with no proper proof and bully people. These people threat innocent to make them do something and get their work done.

#4. Privacy Violation:

Today we upload a number of images, videos and other things which we like to share with our friends and known ones. There are a number of people who misuse these photographs and videos as well. There are ways to protect these but onto some end only.

#5. Health Problems:

Social Media is an addiction as mentioned before and the over usage has effects on health as well. When we work or focus on screens like mobile or computer, it affects our eyes and brain which might create eyes and brain problems in future. Thus it is suggested for everyone to use social media and other devices in a limit.

#6. Causes Death:

It is not just because of overuse but different types of dares and stunts that people and majorly teenagers do to get focus. There are a number of tasks that people try to do to impress others or to get likes and shares but many of these are really tough and could cause death.

#7. Detaching Offline interactions:

Online interactions tend to detach the offline interactions as many people talk a lot on chat and all but in person can’t talk at all. This makes their confidence down. These people should be or should themselves try to communicate more in person.

#8. Influence Drugs and Alcohol:

Social Media is somewhere people like to share some of their daily activities. The addicts do also like to share their addiction there with the images of drugs and alcohol regularly with talkings about happy life and every such thing. These influences teenagers to follow them and trying such things which later starts ruining their own life.

#9. Disrupts Sleep Cycle and the life:

Being an addiction people keep using it late night and even in the places where we need to focus on other things majorly. This addiction affects our health really bad due to the sleepless nights and daily work. The addiction also tends to attract us daily while in different work as well which disturbs our other work as well.

#10. Leads to laziness:

A social media addict is mostly stuck in one place while scrolling down his mobile phone or computer screen. This being an addiction will create a habit and the body needs movement regularly. A person on a job or college is mostly stuck to their seat and can’t move for longer time while after reaching his place being an addict doesnt move much which leads to laziness and bad health at the same time.


Social Media has definitely become a necessity today in our life. There are some more advantages and disadvantages of social media. A person here using social media platforms should always know what is right and what is wrong and what is extreme enough to show off on social media platforms.

A brand can portray itself in the manner they want and should take care of it properly. In the end, do share the positive and true things on social media but not the false news and messages. Use it in an appropriate manner till it doesn’t harm you and others around you. Hope this might help you in some manner. Also for more such awesome content keep following Meet Rv.