Looking Sexy in the winter with these 3 Tips

Girly girls search for ways to look attractive no matter the weather forecast. Clearly, using one’s better judgment plays a role here as no one is suggesting 12-inch heels in a blizzard, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple tricks to look sexy all winter long. Mind you, there are certain types of men that you’re unlikely to attract no matter what you look like when it’s cold, wet and overall disgusting outside because they are simply nowhere to be found, like bikers, for instance, but even if biker dating is on your mind in late February, early March, it wouldn’t hurt to implement some of these tips just in case you run into your prince charming when you least expect it.

#1: Fitter Winter Jacket

Obviously, your priority in the winter should be to stay as warm as possible, and we’re not suggesting trading warmth for sexiness. On the other hand, not every winter parka has to be boxy. There are plenty of winter jacket brands that make fitted down jackets even without a belt. A belt is one way to show off your figure in January, but if you don’t want anything pressing against your stomach, a fitted parka or a down-filled jacket is a great choice. Stick to either black or white because most guys don’t like it when girls experiment with color too much, and we leave the choice of fur around the hood up to you.

#2: Sexy Hat, Scarf and Gloves

It’s definitely tricky to look sexy when we’re all bundled up, and choosing the right kind of hat can help us here. Try on several styles before you purchase a hat, and make sure it matches the coat on some level, be it in terms of color or style. If you have long hair and it’s not snowing or raining outside, curl it and let your locks down. Guys just go crazy for this kind of look, which, mind you, you can sport when it’s insanely hot outside. When it comes to scarves, opt for a scarf that doesn’t overwhelm your jacket or coat. Blanket scarves are cute provided they get to be the focal point of your outfit, when, for instance, the coat you’re wearing is simple enough. As far as the gloves go, make sure you get the right size, and if you’re in the city, stay away from those ski gloves because they’re anything but sexy.

#3: Warm Boots

As far as winter footwear goes, it’s tricky to find boots that are sexy. Let’s face it, guys despise UGGs, can’t imagine they think very highly of Moon Boots either, plus you absolutely have to pick a pair that will keep your feet warm and dry. That being said, try on several different styles, make sure they don’t make your feet look much bigger than they are, and pick something as sleek as possible under the circumstances. If you have a killer coat and a cute hat, nobody will be looking at your feet anyway.