How To Dress like Bella From Poor Things

The dazzling Emma Stone brought ‘Bella Baxter’ to life, a 19th-century European woman with the brains of an infant while wearing captivating frocks. To watch not only the evolution of Bella but to witness the tasteful and beautiful representations of 19th-century fashion has captured stylists and designers’ eyes. 

Not only the bold and beautiful pieces of fashion but also the powerful message that it conveys to women have as much influence. Emma Stone said ‘… and, see everything for the first time and try to understand the nature of sexuality, or power, or money or choice, the ability to make choices and live by your own rules and not society’. The film conveys a powerful message to women that not only inspired their fashion sense but also their perceptions of the world. 

It would be hard to not want to embody and pay tribute to a character as bold and beautifully portrayed by Emma Stone and just like Stone said ‘it was extremely freeing to experience her’ Why would you not want to Bella Baxter for a day or even a lifetime. 

Throughout the film, Bella is always dressed to perfection and is always styled with at least one of 3 things; ruffles, pastels and puffy shoulders. Here are my tips and tricks to style yourself like Bella From Poor Things: 


Ruffles are a staple throughout Bella’s outfits and are always in such a tasteful unique way that pays respects to the 19th century. The ruffles according to the designer are a nod to infancy and throughout the film you watch her grow. At first glance, you saw she wasn’t properly dressed but merely in a romper and had no sense of her style just yet. 

This is perfect for adding volume to your outfit both figuratively and literally and to take advantage of it styling ruffles in this way will bring your Bella Baxter look to life: 

A ruffle blouse either cotton blend or satin finish with a beautiful midi skirt and matching jacket. This can be worn to work as a styling beautiful piece as it is bold, For the feet I’d match it with a pair of pumps or some small kitten-heel shoes to evaluate and bring it back to the 21st century. 

If you were to incorporate a ruffled dress, going big and not home, I’d recommend going all out just like Bella did when she grew into a woman, where ruffles became more an everyday statement rather than a one-time dress-up.

Puffy Shoulders 

What seems to remain throughout the development of Bella Baxter is puffy shoulders and the creative play on periods the designers had while styling. The use of the puffy shoulder in the jacket brings credit to its time and is just another iconic piece and look Bella has throughout the film. 

This may be an easier style to incorporate into your wardrobe and style. Puffy Shoulder garments don’t have to be as bold and big as Bella’s but a puffy shoulder jacket, top or long-sleeve top will channel confidence and a sense of power into your looks. 

Bellas’s look during her academic scenes with a dark coat with puffy sleeves and dark boots is a perfect and timeless outfit that hasn’t aged a day although pairing it with a dark matching mini skirt will complete the look it a mirage to her ‘blending’ in with the men in suits and shows she still learning things about what she likes and wants while sticking true to herself and is inspiring women to wear whatever feels and looks right to you. 


Throughout the beginning of ‘Poor Things,’ you see Bella wearing beautiful pastel colours from your baby blues to pinks. It was represented throughout her infant through to her women stages where her fashion becomes even wilder and that’s what we should take from Bella’s growth to go wilder every day. 

This would be perfect to incorporate pastels throughout your spring and summer although we shouldn’t limit ourselves. Bella is seen wearing a fabulous puffy-sleeved cropped jacket and although it’s hard to get a greatly detailed version of her wardrobe it should be taken as inspiration. Therefore a beautiful search for your favourite blue dress that embodies ruffles and puffy sleeves and you’re embodying all things Bella Baxter. 

High Neck

Another feature that hasn’t been missed but the use of mid-high neck shirts and dresses that Bella seems to incorporate in her fashion from infant to women. This appeared as a staple through the 19th century as shirts and formal wear were most adored. 

I would recommend this feature for women who love to be formal or want to incorporate an extremely classic look, If you include the ruffles it would be perfect. Bella was also known for her mismatched outfits, not everything has to be ‘made’ for it, so just wearing whatever you feel and looks good to you is radiating Bella.