Build an Amazing Jewelry Wardrobe with Expert Tips

While buying fine jewelry, it is obvious that you would be choosing something that you love. However, you must also consider in terms of versatility and longevity when it comes to purchasing fine jewelry for creating a perfect jewelry wardrobe for yourself and getting the maximum possible returns on your investment. There are numerous smart classic and sophisticated pieces that have been in vogue down the generations that are worn again and again and these are regarded as fabulous building blocks for building your jewelry wardrobe. When you have the jewelry basics in your wardrobe, you would always look elegant, graceful and sophisticated irrespective of the occasion or the outfit you are wearing. Every woman must include some jewelry basics in their wardrobe such as pendant necklaces, diamond studs, bangle bracelets, pearls, a classic watch and a truly stunning gemstone ring.

A Striking Gemstone Ring

A big and bold gemstone ring is referred to as the cocktail ring and these are supposed to be oversized, bold, and fascinating gemstone rings that have been in vogue since the 1920s. It has become a fun accessory today and is worn to infuse a splash of color and a touch of glamour without burning your pockets. From Tourmaline to Alexandrite, you could have access to several gemstone options. This is a highly fashionable ring that is mostly worn by stylish women and the stone is supposed to be the real highlight, characteristically featuring a single large central gem and often surrounded by a sunburst of relatively smaller gemstones. If you are not able to make up your mind and are pretty unsure and do not know what to buy, you could opt for the classical choice such as a solitaire of your birthstone. You could ask for expert advice from some of the fine jewelry manufacturers in your city.

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are forever in vogue and they are truly versatile. Diamonds are known to match with whatever outfit you wear or whatever look you are trying to project. Diamond studs are marked by incredible simplicity and this characteristic makes diamonds even more endearing. This simplicity is the right property to consider for complementing busy necklines and necklaces. You have a broad spectrum of options open to you as you could choose diverse settings and metals. You must decide whether a single stone is better or you would be opting for several smaller precious stones clustered or bunched together

Bangle Bracelets

Demonstrate your personality by wearing mesmerizing bangle bracelets. You could opt for a delicate and slender bracelet or you could mix and match your bracelet with bangles depending on your mood and the occasion. You could choose from a wide variety of styles, widths, and materials and most importantly, you must consider how well they are working together. You could opt for the bolder and wider cuffs which are great for making a statement. However, they could be teamed with relatively slimmer bangles depending on the occasion and your mood on a particular day.


Cultured pearls are a must for your fine jewelry wardrobe. These are a truly refined, sophisticated and classic choice for your jewelry wardrobe and could be flaunted for fun or business. The most popular and conventional way of wearing pearls is one or two strands necklace about 16 to 18 inches in length. One more fabulous way is to wear a long opera-length pearl strand that could be easily wrapped and thoughtfully layered to whatever length you choose. Pearls come in a spectrum of colors including black and pink etc. along with the conventional white pearls.

Pendant Necklace

Beautifully subtle, and delicate, pendant necklace is supposed to be an everyday piece which looks amazing irrespective of what you are teaming it with. You could look charming by wearing it with your casual denim to the ultra-formal business suit for a smart and modern look. Pendants could include a gracefully dangling locket or gemstone. The pendants often have special value and significance for the one wearing it. You could opt for the classic diamond solitaire, or the photo lockets or even elegant pendants that feature nature motifs, letters, icons and even number or symbols. Pendants are quite pretty on their own but often look amazing if you choose the layered look.


Understanding the fine jewelry basics is simply the first step towards building your own jewelry wardrobe that you would be proud of. You would be having numerous options within each category for making something basic express your individuality.

Author Bio: Bular Mandy is a jewelry designer working for one of the premier fine jewelry manufacturers in the country. She enjoys blogging and Instagramming and shares her new designs and other tips regularly.