Why Should You Consider Wearing Dove Jewelry

A lot of people around the world know and believe that doves are a symbol of peace. These birds have been connected to the attribute of peace and love for centuries by artists and craftsmen. The symbolism is immense and recognized all throughout the globe. Doves have dwelled in popular paintings, murals, sculptures and artifacts since time immemorial. Now, these doves have found their way into jewelry too. 

A very popular sect of female jewelry is dove jewelry. It is the kind of jewelry that has a minimalistic approach with nothing other than the flying dove as the central and the dominant attraction to the eye. Through this blog, we will talk a little about what dove jewelry is and why you should consider wearing them. 

What is Dove Jewelry? 

Dove jewelry is characterized by the figure of a flying dove or a dove with its wings spread in it. This figure should be mandatorily present in jewelry, be it in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings. There can be a single, solitary dove in flight in this jewelry or two doves together with their beaks touching. Such a figurine forms what is popularly known as the lover’s knot, symbolizing eternal and powerful love between two partners. These have a very minimalistic and sophisticated approach to jewelry making and mostly stand out as something simple yet pleasing to the eye. 

Why Should You Wear Dove Jewelry? 

  • Deep Symbolism

It is no secret that doves are a symbol of peace and tranquility. White doves have been used by several kingdoms back in the day to send out a message of peace, a word that ended wars going on for multiple years. The Greek culture and religion associate doves with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. In contrast, the Roman culture associates doves to Venus, the Roman goddess of love and virtue.  

  • Art and Aestheticism

The modern woman holds sophistication and aesthetics of life very close to her heart. For a woman like that, dove jewelry would be the very best without any speck of doubt. There is art and aestheticism in doves, being embedded in them from centuries of all the artifacts made and painted dedicating to these little white birds. Be an embodiment of art and culture, history and decades-old folktales by wearing dove jewelry. 

  • The Essence of Motherhood

Doves tend to starve themselves before they hatch their eggs; this is done to ensure the proper formation of milk for their young ones. With their existence, doves display affection and motherly love. They stand as a testimony to all the sacrifices that mothers make for their children. True essence of womanhood and motherhood can be found in these birds and also in this jewelry. 

Doves have played a part in being the symbol to a lot many beliefs from a long, long time ago. When you wear dove jewelry, you are just bringing all these ancient beliefs and notions back to life- of peace, virtue, motherhood, everlasting love and devotion. 

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