Ultimate Ring Buying Guide

Rings are amazing accessories that can bring their owners many years of pleasure and enjoyment. From striking rings with diamonds or other precious stones, to fun costume rings, and even simple metal bands, you can adorn your hand with many striking variations on this popular type of jewelry.

For various reasons, people choose rings as their accessory of choice. For example, rings are often considered status symbols but can also be used to make a fun fashion statement, complimenting any outfit or personal aesthetic. What’s more is that rings have been in existence for centuries and are a part of many cultures from around the world. For example, rings have been worn to ward off bad luck, to represent participation in certain exclusive groups such as fraternities or to represent social strata.

Young people are very much into jewelry and diamonds are not the exception. According to an article in Forbes, millennials are more invested in diamonds than many have assumed and DeBeers has pegged the millennials as the future of diamonds. The diamond leader noted to Forbes that millennials spent about $26 billion in 2015 on diamond jewelry. Some millennials are into diamonds based on tradition, while others may just think it’s cool and gives them a sense of higher status if they own one.

In many instances, rings also have a much deeper symbolic meaning associated with them. This means they represent so much more than a simple piece of jewelry. For instance, a groom-to-be who presents his beloved with an engagement ring is representing his unending love for his fiancé. The same holds true for wedding bands which represent to a couple’s commitment to one another or even birthstone rings symbolizing a person’s unique date of birth.

No matter what type of engagement ring is chosen, however, the ring remains a symbol of the relationship and love. Whether the central focus of the ring features a huge diamond stunner or an antique opal in a buttercup setting, the symbol means more than the gems.

Furthermore, rings are often passed down from generation to generation and remain in many families as heirlooms. In such instances, the ring often has its own special history with many stories and tales attached to it associated with relatives of the past. In short, rings provide so much meaning to different people depending upon their context.

Yet, choosing a ring can prove to be a very trying task for the purchaser. This is because rings come in so many different sizes, shapes, widths, materials, and settings just to name a few. It does not matter if you are choosing a ring for a loved one or if you are simply searching for a new ring to treat yourself, you’ll need to keep a few helpful tips in mind on how to choose the right ring for you. Here are some of our best tips—our ultimate guide on everything you need to know about buying the perfect ring for you – see below!