Jewelry Information

It is understood that people suffering from depression usually feel anxious, irritated, nervous, and have sleep disorders. In addition to the treatment of depression and psychology, the treatment of depression can also be coordinated with jewels that can calm mood and calm the heart gold arabic name necklace

#1. Agate

Agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It has been used as an evil spirit since ancient times. The use of amulets symbolizes friendly love and hope, and helps to eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue and turbidity. Place a proper amount of agate under the pillow to help you sleep well. Agate can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, make gas color better, eliminate sexual barriers, avoid sexual incompetence and infertility, and orange red agate can be used effectively for rectum and gastrointestinal, can activate internal organs, prevent constipation, help toxins, liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose veins, etc. which have a soothing function, for women, long-term wear agate can make the skin smooth, cheerful, blood circulation, lips ruddy and bright eyes.

In ancient times, red agate was called red jade, which is one of the most effective gemstones. The red agate can improve the endocrine, strengthen the blood circulation, make the color better, maintain the harmony of the body and mind, enhance love, loyalty, and courage, can promote prosperity, happiness and longevity, and have a safe effect. Those who have negative thoughts and no goals and enthusiasm have the effect of stimulating their curiosity and action, allowing them to recognize their goals, catch up with them, and eliminate malicious and jealousy, and bring about a new relationship of peace. Enhance creativity and creativity, and inspire in the process of creation.

#2. Amethyst

Amethyst has elegant and noble colors. People wearing amethyst can enhance their temperament and make people full of confidence and vitality. Amethyst can also enhance courage at the spiritual level, enhance the energy stability of spiritual amethyst, and improve individuals magnetic field and the effect of regulating the air, amethyst can use its unique compassion and healing power to smooth the pain in the heart, thus bringing harmony and peace. When you are emotionally irritable, you can also use the power of amethyst to calm your mind. Amethyst can improve insomnia, put amethyst on the pillow or wear it every night before going to sleep, can treat insomnia and improve sleep quality.

#3. Turquoise

Turquoise is recognized as the “December Birthstone” at home and abroad, representing victory and success, and has the reputation of “Stone of Success” and “Stone of Lucky”. It is said that wearing it has the advantages of gathering wealth, prospering wealth, avoiding evil spirits, and ensuring peace. It can strengthen wealth and courage, help the peace of mind, broaden the popularity of the people, and help people to maintain a cheerful and open personality, and help people to release more energy of love easily. Modern mineral medicine research proves that turquoise contains a variety of trace elements required by the human body. Long-term wear can promote cell regeneration, enhance immunity, strengthen the body, have the magical effect of eliminating ills, stabilizing emotions, increasing brain reaction, etc. Turquoise has the special effect of clearing heat, anti-inflammatory, calming and lowering blood pressure, especially for the maintenance of gallbladder. personalized mommy jewelry

#4 . Amber

Amber has always been used in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to calm the nerves, and it can be sterilized and disinfected, so it can be used as a fragrant ring or incense. Some people grind it into powder to stop nosebleeds, fire or bruises, but it is said that the most effective is to prevent diseases of the throat and other respiratory organs, so often the pendant is hung near the throat, and the fever, gastrointestinal discomfort also has a soothing effect, and even promote the activation of the liver and kidney cells, for black and red blood spurs can correspond to the bottom of the sea, which can increase fertility and sexual organ function, which can help both men and women.

#5. Emerald

Emotionally, sapphire is said to have deep emotional treatment functions, which can improve emotional intelligence, calm emotional fluctuations, and calm the heart. Sapphire helps the digestive system and reproductive system, helps nutrient absorption, resolves toxins, and eliminates fluid retention. It can alleviate the deterioration of skin, hair, eyes and liver, pancreas and other fleshy organs, lose weight, sleep, beauty, attract different performances to change people’s eating habits, achieve weight loss, help people sleep peacefully, improve skin, have cosmetic effect, also love a kind of stone. Helps attract the opposite sex. Enhance mutual understanding between the couple jewelry necklace and make the relationship more harmonious and happy.