Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, then you’re probably looking for effective ways to improve your hand-eye coordination in the off-season.

For those that don’t know, hand-eye coordination is a fine motor skill that affects the synchronization of your hands and eyes. This allows you to throw or hit objects more accurately. Having keen hand-eye coordination is an essential aspect of several sports, including:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football

If you want to sharpen up your hand-eye coordination (and have fun while you’re at it), then you should carve some time out of your schedule for the following activities in Houston:


People like to say that everything in Houston is big; well, the impact of archery on your hand-eye coordination is no exception.

Archery is a historical activity that dates back to the stone-age! However, at this point, it was mainly used as a method for hunting and survival. Nowadays, people can visit indoor and outdoor archery ranges for an afternoon of fun.

So, how does archery impact your hand-eye coordination?

For starters, shooting an arrow requires a lot of upper body strength; as you begin to build more upper body strength, you gain more control of your body. This will help you improve your overall aim and stability.

Axe Throwing

If you’ve spent any time online or on social media, you’ve most likely come across a handful of axe throwing videos. Although axe throwing is a relatively new sport, it’s been snowballing in popularity. This is because the bar sport is:

  • Extremely social
  • Easy to pick up
  • Competitive
  • Undeniably fun

Additionally, axe throwing can be extremely beneficial for your hand-eye coordination. Much like archery, axe throwing requires players to hit a target with an object.

However, instead of pulling back on a sling, you have to toss a heavy axe! This is usually done with an overhead throw.

Axe throwing is a particularly useful activity for basketball players that want to work on their overhead passes. Overhead passes are generally used when the other player is on the opposite side of the court. If you don’t pass the ball accurately, you may end up turning it over or launching it out of bounds.

Thankfully, you can avoid this by spending time at your local axe throwing league. Doing this gives you the ability to build strength in your triceps brachii (often shorted to triceps) and improve your cognitive vision.

If you want to get the best axe throwing experience, you should book a session at BATL Houston; this axe throwing league offers one-on-one sessions with experienced trainers. These trainers can teach you how to throw an axe with devastating accuracy and give you several useful pointers.


If you’ve ever been to a pub or tavern, then you’ve most likely familiar with the game of pool (also referred to as billiards).

Playing pool can have a significant impact on your hand-eye coordination. The bar sport is a fantastic pastime for athletes that want to improve their accuracy and their ability to “follow-through” on shots.

If you want to see a difference in your hand-eye coordination on the court or field, you should start by trying out the activities mentioned above.