Gaming is one of the most popular pastime activities in many places worldwide. Are you a gamer? If you are, then this article is for you. 

The most thrilling experience of modern gaming is how easy it is to track your progress. Losing out on the levels and purchases you have earned is heartbreaking when playing a game. That is why you need the best technology to keep track of everything you do when you play the game across different platforms. 

Whenever you think about Fortnite and other popular games in 2023, the first company that comes to mind is Epic Games. Epic Games accounts are the best option to share progress across different gaming platforms and streamline how you play games.

If you have been wondering how to improve your gaming experience in 2023, you have come to the right place. Let’s learn how to activate the account to turn a new leaf in your gaming life!

Why Should You Activate Your Epic Games Account

Have you ever been in the middle of an exciting game only to lose your progress right when you were about to face the ultimate boss? You are not alone. Many gamers dread losing all their hard-earned perks because of a simple mistake. 

Activating your Epic Games account allows you to avoid the mind-numbing stress of starting a game after losing out on years of progress. And we are here to show you how you can do it! 

Activating Epic Games On Different Platforms

The process of activating an Epic Games account is as simple as going to https://epicgames.com/activate. But before activating the account, you must register for one on the platform. 

Creating and Registering An Epic Games Account

Epic Games provides eight different methods for creating an account on the platform. Single sign-on methods make it easy for you to register an Epic Games account without creating a new one from scratch.

Once you create your account and verify your personal information and login credentials, you can activate it on all your devices. 

PC or Mac

Statistics show that at least 35% of all gamers use PCs. That is why you should know how to activate your PC to work with Epic Games.

Download The Epic Games Launcher

Before activating Epic Games on a PC or a Mac, download the Epic Games Launcher from any download site. You can get the launcher on your Windows Store or Apple App Store on your Mac. 

You can also get the launcher on the official Epic Games website using a direct installer.

Signing Onto The Launcher

Have you installed your launcher? Next, sign on to the launcher with your Epic Games account. You will get a simple step-by-step guide on verifying and installing your games on the platform. That will restore any progress and continue with the games you have been playing on other platforms on your PC. 

PlayStation 4 and 5 or Xbox

How To Link Your Xbox and PlayStation Using A Game

The best way to activate your console to work with Epic Games is by using the particular type of game you want. Games like Fortnite have a linking page right after you launch the game on your console to make the process easy. You need to scroll to the link an account tab and press X on your PlayStation or A on your Xbox. A code will appear on your screen. 

But you will only have 10 minutes to link your account, so you need to be quick. Otherwise, you will have to start the process again.

The next step is to type the code on the text box that appears when you go to https://epicgames.com/activate on your computer or smartphone. You can click continue and sign onto your Epic Games account. The page on your console will refresh and allow you to continue your progress on that specific game.

Disclaimer For Younger Gamers

If you encounter any restrictions or challenges when activating your Epic Games account on your console, you may have a restricted Epic Games Cabined Account. 

Cabined accounts focus on providing players under 13 years of a safe environment to enjoy games like Fortnite. You will have to send a request mail to get consent from the adult on your Epic account to activate the account on your console. 

Parting Shot

Activating your Epic Account on different consoles is the best way to save progress on every game you play. The process of activating your account doesn’t require a lot of effort. Everything you need to do can happen right at the click of a button. 

The instructions we have shared above should give you everything you need for a mind-blowing gaming experience. So, find some time to activate your Epic Games account today!