Belviq weight loss medication, along with its counterpart Belviq XR, were recently found to have decisive links with cancer occurrences. Some patients that have taken this drug have ended up with different forms of cancer, prompting an FDA recall. Former consumers are sparking lawsuits against the manufacturer – but could you qualify to make a claim?

Belviq Cancer Recall

In January of 2020, conclusive testing revealed what had been scientifically speculated for a few years beforehand. The tests showed that Belviq and Belviq XR weight loss supplements were actually causing cancer in a small number of patients. Once the test proved this without doubt, the FDA recalled the product urgently from all customers.

As a result of the recall and the FDA judgment, the firm that designed and manufactured the drug Belviq voluntarily withdrew it from sale to the public. However, even although the drugs were taken off the shelves and destroyed – the damage had already been done. Some former patients were already suffering from colorectal cancer, lung cancer or other cancers.

Do You Qualify for a Belviq Cancer Lawsuit?

So how do you know if you qualify. There are actually two defining features that mark you out as eligible for having a good case. The first is that you were taking Belviq or Belviq XR for a prolonged period of time. The second is that you have, or have had and recovered from, cancer at some point after you took the extended doses of Belviq.

So if you were exposed to this medication for a few months or longer, and if you subsequently suffered from cancer, the two may not be mutually exclusive. In this instance, you have a case to bring a claim for your medical expenses and damage done to your person, against the Japanese manufacturers of the drug: Eisai Inc. You should find an attorney, preferably one that specialises in such matters, and proceed to court. You could be entitled to thousands of dollars in recompense.

Belviq wasn’t just described for weight loss either. It was reportedly used for a range of psychiatric disorders. To check if you were exposed to this substance, check through old prescriptions or medications. It may have been labelled by its chemical name; Lorcaserin.

Finding a Belviq Cancer Attorney

It’s hard to find a firm that you can trust – especially when everyone is out to make a quick buck. A good belviq cancer law firm won’t force you to take their advice. A good firm is there when you need them, supports you through the process, and shields you from the worst of the legal processes that may stress you out when you are already sick.

Use a firm you trust and do yourself a favour. The stress and struggle of cancer is enough to worry about without having a lawsuit to take care of. Let a qualified, experienced company take it off your hands so you can concentrate on the one thing that matters. Wellness. Get better… but don’t let that stop you from getting even.