Christmas Gift List For Her

It seems only ten minutes ago since we all celebrated Christmas under the black cloud of ongoing coronavirus restrictions, but this year we are all finally free again to see loved ones and enjoy our turkey and tinsel together. But what to buy for the women in your life? There are certainly lots of options and blogger’s gift guides galore… but take our advice and keep it personal for maximum impact. Show you care by customising and keep it simple. 

Pictures and Prints

Art is a timeless gift and making it personal can have a huge impact. Various gift websites online now offer prints of the constellations and star formations at set dates and times (to match up with a memorable or important occasions) or you can print your own important piece. Why not type out the lyrics to a special song in a bright bold font, print a photo of you together or draw a portrait? Combined with a nice photo frame and appropriate picture rail hanging systems for their home, their walls be soon be adorned with meaningful moments, all inspired by you.

An Experience

As the world re-opens and we revert to a new ‘normal’ of sorts, many people are seeking opportunities to get back out and about in the real world. Buying tickets to a concert, event or occasion, booking a break away or taking a day trip to a new city delivers a gift that will be remembered forever. Airbnb Experiences are a great way of trying out something new with locals or google for inspiration. Take photos and document the day – you can always give a framed pic of it as above at a later date!

A Subscription

Gone are the days of gifting magazine or periodical subscriptions; although this can still be done if your gift recipient has a specialist interest best covered by a certain title. Since the advent of the internet numerous subscription box companies have launched… you can now receive just about anything on a monthly basis through your letterbox! Give a gift that keeps giving and send Bloom & Wild’s floral subscription box, The Spicery’s curry club subscription box or the hugely popular monthly beauty box by Glossybox.

The Key To Your Heart… Or Home

If you’re in a relationship where you don’t yet co-habit, or are unable to for whatever reason, taking the next step is often the giving of a spare house key. It’s never a bad idea to have a spare key cut anyway (it’s one less chance to get locked out, after all!) but gifting one with a cute keyring and presented in a small jewellery box stuffed with confetti makes for a meaningful present that really proves your commitment to the relationship.

Get Creative With Gift Cards

Sometimes only a gift card will do, but this doesn’t mean you just need to subtly pop one in a greetings card and be done with it. Why not get crafty and give it in a way that won’t be forgotten? Pop a Starbucks gift card in a plastic cup with brown and white tissue paper rather than just an envelope, or stick an iTunes gift card to a plastic cassette tape. Gift cards can be presented in all kinds of creative ways, you just need to use your imagination – and you can bet your bottom gifted dollar that unusual packaging will be talked about (and probably replicated) for years to come.