This is where you must essentially consider activating the dark mode on the Amazon application or website. This will help you reduce stress on your eyes if you frequently access it at night. Nowadays, people are increasingly moving towards the black or dark theme on their digital displays. 

This is because the reduced contrast display causes less eye strain. If you are a first-timer, adding the dark theme directly to the Amazon platform will be hard. You may bring in a skilled Web Design & Development Company for assistance.

Therefore, you may consider alternatives on your laptop and smartphone. You can download a third-party web browser application for iOS or Android. You can opt for a free browser extension to access Amazon on a dark UI on Google Chrome when using a computer.

How Can I Use the Android Amazon App in Dark Mode?

The dark mode is a beneficial display that typically places white or grey text on a black background. You can expect the dark or night modes to significantly improve your reading experience in low-light conditions by releasing less white light.

You can prevent uncomfortable eye strain by relying on Amazon in dark mode. Additionally, choosing Amazon’s dark method can help you conserve battery life. Amazon does not officially offer a dark-mode Amazon Application. This is although most smartphones and applications currently have this user interface.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the dark mode theme’s significance and advantages.

The Amazon website or its platform has no built-in dark mode control. However, you can switch the display UI to dark mode through your device settings. The little catch is that, depending on your phone model, you might also need to enable the Developer Mode on your device and make the necessary adjustment there.

  • You may access your settings application and select About Phone.


  • Hit the Build number seven times as you scroll to the bottom. This will prompt a pop-up after three touches, informing you that you are four taps away from being a developer.


  • This is the time when you need to enter your PIN. This will activate the Developer Mode.
  • Return to the home page of Settings. 
  • You may then toggle Display.
  • You can activate the dark theme by switching the button to the right.
  • Select System after returning to the previous menu.
  • Select Developer options. 
  • Turn the button to the right to activate Override force-dark in the Hardware accelerated rendering section.

How Can I Use the Amazon App on an iPhone In Dark Mode?

You can always access the dark mode for the Android Amazon application using the developer mode. However, things are difficult for the iPhone since there is no similar workaround. Additionally, you will not achieve your purpose by changing your iPhone’s system preferences to dark mode.

You can install the Turn the Lights Off application to enable the Amazon dark mode on iOS. It’s a Safari browser extension that dims anything in the background. You can achieve to darken the Amazon website via this program. Observe the steps below to utilise this application.

  1. Install the Turn off the Lights application on your iPhone first.
  2. You may then progress to Manage Options when the application runs after installation.
  3. Safari will launch when you do this. Then, select Night mode from the hamburger menu.
  4. Select “Show the night switch button below the web page” under the Night mode option.

How Can I Use the Amazon Website in Dark Mode in a Web Browser?

You can always choose to alter the dark website using the help of the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. You can achieve this based on the backdrop colour, text, and hyperlinks. 

How Can I Use the Amazon Website in Dark Mode in a Web BrowserThis dark mode will essentially provide comfort for your eyes. You can also decide when the dark interface automatically changes. You can expect this option across all online browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Brave, and Microsoft Edge, Turn Off the Lights is a free browser plugin.


Safety and Privacy

You can expect no potential risks while using the extension. This is because they consider your security and privacy extremely seriously. This extension is entirely free and Open-Source and does the necessary tasks. You can evaluate the source and offer suggestions for enhancements on GitHub.

Can I Alter Amazon’s Dark Mode to Match My Own Theme?

You can count upon the most customisable dark mode online browser plugin, i.e., Turn off the Lights to pair with your computer theme. You have the option to choose the time when Turn Off the Lights will automatically convert to dark mode. This is extremely useful if you only want to use it at night.

Will Using Dark Mode Drain My Device’s Battery?

Dark mode will not impact the battery health of your device. On the contrary, Dark Mode conserves energy using less battery power. Moreover, it can also reduce headaches and are easy on the eyes. You usually won’t notice a difference in battery life.

How Can I Activate Amazon’s Automatic Dark Mode?

You will find it challenging to schedule dark mode on Amazon right now. However, some add-ons might let you force a browser into dark mode. Although those extensions are rare and hard to find, they can be scheduled to run at a specific time.


In a nutshell, dark mode can improve your online shopping experience on Amazon, primarily if you use it frequently. You can rely on this mode to minimise eye strain if you are a frequent shopper on Amazon or use a device extensively. Additionally, you may also be able to conserve battery life.

Amazon doesn’t provide or acknowledge a dark mode for its platform or app. Consequently, you will need to:

  1. Activate the default settings for dark mode if your user interface supports it.
  2. Install a browser extension or third-party program that supports dark mode.

You can install online extensions like Turn Off the Lights Chrome if you use a Mac or a Windows computer. Android and Apple users should download the Turn Off the Lights browser software to access Amazon and other websites. 

The primary goal of this guide is to enable Dark Mode for the Amazon application and website. There are instructions for turning on the Dark Mode on your well-known shopping website. Turning on dark mode on the Amazon application and website requires only a few steps.

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