Road Safety and Compliance for Drivers

Whether you are a newbie driver excited to take on the road independently for the first time, or a seasoned drifter who knows the ins and outs of the highways by heart; it’s important to always practice and comply with road safety rules and regulations. These can easily be taken for granted, especially if you have not gotten onboard with the fundamentals, or if the rules are not as strict in the state where you live and drive often. However, the importance of these road safety basics should not be underestimated – it could mean the difference between delightful travel or injury-prone ones.

The following are some of the basics to road safety 101:

  1. Keep your vehicle in check

The number one thing you have to ensure is that the vehicle you are driving is safe for the roads. Check your tires, their air and traction; check your brakes and make sure they are working well; check your suspension and shocks; and make sure everything else is in place for a smooth and safe ride. Eliminate all the possible variables that could cause hassle for you by making sure your vehicle is in the best shape, and is safe to use.

  1. Wear your seatbelt

It is the simplest thing to do but could mean the difference between a life and the loss of it. Wearing your seatbelt can protect you not just from death, but also from injury, whiplash, and other complications that may ensue from sudden and unexpected impact. The irony is that its simplicity can cause people to forget to use it, but seatbelts are there for a reason.

Also, make sure that all minors are wearing seatbelts as well. Infants should be in car seats to make sure that they are fully protected from impact on all sides.

  1. Familiarize yourself with all the traffic rules and regulations

You wouldn’t want a police car to suddenly appear beside you and ask you to pull over. Make sure to be fully aware of all the traffic rules and regulations, and be alert to the road signs. Follow traffic lights and give way to pedestrians.

  1. Be in the know for the weather in the city you are driving in, as well as other special events

Being caught off guard when it suddenly rains in the place you are driving to, or being delayed due to road closures because of a special event, are usually not welcome experiences. Make sure to check the weather forecast and any road closures before heading out, and be extra careful when the roads are wet, when driving at night, or when there are a lot of pedestrians who will be on the road with you.

  1. Take away all distractions when driving

Make sure you are fully sober and none of your senses are impaired as you drive. Also, be fully alert to the roads – driving is not the time to answer text messages or read comments on your social networks. This is your responsibility to yourself and your passengers as well as to every other driver on the road with you. Keep the roads safe and wholesome for everyone’s sake.

It would be helpful to get some protection for your vehicle in case of any emergencies. You can consider getting car insurance from Allstate or from any insurance provider so you can breathe a little easier, by getting adequate coverage for any unforeseen events.