water heater

A water heater normally lasts up to 12 years. However, you must take good care of the water heater in order to last this long. Now, even if you do take care of the water heater, leaks are inevitable, and they can occur. But here’s the good news, if you have a small water heater, the leaking heater can be fixed easily. And the best is that there are a lot of things that you can do before you dial the plumber in Pittsburgh phone number.

Top reasons why your water heater could be leaking:

  • If the water heater has broken drain valves, then leakage is bound to happen. However, this issue can be easily fixed. Call a plumber, and they will replace the broken drain valve.
  • In the tank, often sediment build-up, which unfortunately leads to corrosion creating holes in the bottom of the tank. If this happens, the only option you are left is with the replacement of the water heater. This is one issue that can’t be fixed. So, the only way out is by replacing it.
  • If there is some wear tear, the outer or inlet water lines can start having some leaks. Plumbers will look into the issue, and most probably change the loose or tighten it.
  • If the pressure values are broken, then leakage from the side of the water heater may occur.

Indeed, there are many other reasons available as well that may cause water leaks, such as multiple uses of the same water heater, and so on. The best way to identify the issue is by calling an experienced plumber who will detect the root cause of the problem and solve it for you.

Steps to follow when you see leakage in the water heater.

Step 1: The first step that you need to follow is to cut power. If you see hot water leaking from the heater, then you must cut the power immediately. If you are using a gas water heater, you will have to find the thermostat. You will see three options, on, off, and pilot. Switch it off. For the electric water heater, find the breaker panel and look out for the label “water heater.” Now, turn it off, this will cut the power to the water heater.

Step 2: Locate the cold water line, which is linked to your water heater, and shut off the water. You will see a valve on the line, and you need it to turn the valve to the right until it closes. This way, you will shut off the water, and now it is time to move on to the last step.

Step 3: The last step is to drain the water from the tank. To do this, you will first have to locate the drain valve. It should be close to the bottom of the heater. Now attach a garden hose to it. Run the hose and allow all the water to get released from the water heater. Let the hose be at the place, now open the valve. If water fails to flow correctly, you need to break the vacuum.

Once you are done with all the three steps mentioned above, call the best plumber in Pittsburgh and let Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh take a look at what is causing the issue. Tell the service provider your location, and the plumbers will be at your doorstep without wasting any time.

The best part about Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh is that they have the right handymen who will come to your house, check the problem, and fix the issue for you. And these plumbers are experienced as well.