Since the beginning of fall, temperatures have continued to drop. Following this trend line, mere gloves and woolen hats can no longer help us to resist harsh winds and snow in winter. We need to look for some other items to help us stay warm. We also offer the option of purchasing the split diesel heater.

Due to the demands of my daily commute, I required a heater for both my vehicle and home, and Maxpeedingrods All-In-One Heater fits the bill perfectly. The compact appearance and light weight make it easy to move to wherever needed. Whether it’s for daily use at home or camping, adjustable power of 1-5 KW can cope easily. Naturally, as a heat output device, the safety of heater is always my primary consideration. After all, if the product is not qualified or used carelessly may cause a terrible accident. Maxpeedingrods heaters are standard qualified products, which passed the FCC, CE, UKCA, RCM certification. Also designed with exhaust pipe with heat insulation tape to prevent overheating combustion, guaranteed in flame retardant safety.

APP control: smarter and more convenient

There are 3 ways to start this heater. First one, LCD switch start. The LCD panel on the machine is intuitive and logical, so you can easily operate it. Second, remote start. You can start it by a mini remote controller. Third, APP start. Simply download the “Parking Electric” App, which you can easily find in the App Store and Google Play, and you can connect via Bluetooth to a remote distance of 80m. Imagine, sitting on the sofa in your living room, without leaving home, you can start the heater in garage to defrost your vehicle in advance. What a great experience, don’t you want to try?


Automatic altitude function: adjust the oil distribution ratio based on different altitudes

Turn on High Altitude Mode and the heater will automatically adjust the fuel distribution ratio and not manually adjust it depending on altitude. It means you don’t have to distract yourself from manually adjusting the heater when driving in high mountainous or complex areas with rapid elevation changes. And it never necessary to pay up to $200 for extra high altitude kit from market. Just one Maxpeedingrods heater will fix it all!

Multiple application cases: a must-have for life

Maxpeedingrods heaters open up more possibilities for use scenarios. You can use it indoors to help you and your family get more warmth. You can also use it in vehicles. When you drive on the road, Maxpeedingrods heater can replace or supplement your car air conditioner, which means consuming less energy and enjoying more warmth. When you reach your destination and want to have a camping trip with your friends, the heater can also be ready to satisfy your requirements. More usages await you!

Maxpeedingrods heater

Maxpeedingrods heater is upgraded from the previous version. Air ducts and exhaust ducts were upgraded not only to make the appearance more premium, but also more durable. Oil pump new detachable feature is easy to clean and also extend useful lifetime. Package is also equipped with maintenance tools, so users can repair and replace parts by themselves. Moreover, Maxpeedingrods, as a professional brand, has great user support services. Outstanding quality, considerate accessories and good service became my reason to choose Maxpeedingrods heater.