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Water Heaters are useful when there is a sudden drop in temperature or the winter season. You don’t want to take a cold shower in winter. What would happen if your water heater gets damaged? Would you take a cold chilling shower in winter? Probably not, most of us ignore that water heaters also need to be maintained or repaired. Many factors can affect the water heater and you need to repair it. If you want to fix or install a water heater there are numerous plumbers of water heater repair San Diego who can fix your water heater. A normal heater lifespan could last up to 8-10 years but some can even last longer if properly maintained. Most of us just neglect that water heaters need repair with time. They get rust inside or need to be cleaned. What are the factors that might be affecting your water heater life span?  

Anode Rod Rust 

This is the main factor that can affect your water heater lifespan. Water can cause rusting in the rods. All heaters consist of an anode rod that is helping the water to heat. Constant heating of water causes rust in the anode rod and it could even damage your water heater. It can take a longer time to heat your water and can also damage the heating system of your water heater. You need to keep a check on your anode rod. If your heater is older than 2 years you might need to change the anode rod by calling a plumber.  

Voltage Fluctuation 

Sometimes when there is a voltage fluctuation caused due to excess power supply it can cause massive damage to your water heater. The excess voltage could damage the heating system of your heater in case of a voltage fluctuation, turn off your water heater or cut the power supply to save it from any kind of damage. Even improper connection of a water heater can also affect your water heater. Excessive current flow can damage your water heater and can cause corrosion to your anode rod. 

Water Pressure 

It is one of the dangerous factors that could affect your water heater without even knowing it. Water pressure can damage the valves of your water heater. It could expand or even burst if the pressure is too much. Every water heater consists of a pressure valve that helps the heater to relieve the water pressure in case if the valve is broken or damaged due to excess pressure your geyser might explode. Keep a check on your water pressure. If you find that there is excess water pressure in your pipelines, call a plumber for water heater repair in San Diego. 

Sediments Clogged 

Water consists of sediments that we might not be able to see from our eyes. As the sediments are too tiny but they keep getting stored and can create a blockage to the pipelines or even your water heater. Sediments are slowly stored in the heater’s tank and it can affect the whole heating system or the water supply. There should be a proper cleaning of your water heater on a yearly basis to keep it safe so it can work for some more years. Sediments get collected at the bottom of the tank and the pipeline which will slowly affect your heating as well as the water supply chain.  

Water Leakage 

Sometimes the water heater pipeline gets leaked due to any cause and you might not even know. Consequences could be worse, as your heater will keep running and will take a longer time to heat and the water will also keep running out. You might not be able to find the cause but the possible reason could be water leakage from the pipeline. Even a single crack on your water heater could do worse so if you find that your water heater is taking too long to heat water but the water also gets cold faster you might need to call a plumber to check your water heater. 

Heating Takes Too Long 

If you feel like your water heater is running for too long and it takes years to heat your water then you need to open up the heater to check for any possible reasons that might have occurred. It can occur due to the heating system that might get damaged due to overuse and you need to repair it as soon as possible. Not one thing, even the water gets cold sooner after the heater is also a defect in your heater. You cannot neglect these defects or your heater will be completely destroyed. Bring a plumber to inspect your water heater if you face this problem. 

Gurgling Sound 

If you hear any strange noises from inside your water heater call a plumber as soon as possible. These noises could be caused due to overheating of water or due to sediments that are clogged inside your water heater which is causing the noise. Your water heater can also explode in this case. Too many sediments could be the reason that your heater keeps making these noises. You need to open up the tank to clean it.  

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Water heaters are very useful when it comes to heating water. It comes in different variants and sizes as per your requirement. You need to keep maintaining your water heater if you want to keep it running for a long time. Water heaters come with some warranty at the time of buying but once the warranty gets over you need to do servicing once or twice to save some money from buying a new one. There are many plumbers or service centers for water heaters. You can contact anyone and they will arrive at your doorsteps.  

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