Facts About Plumbing Repair That Will Blow Your Mind

Plumbing is an element that almost every household has to manage and tackle. Either you carry it on with ease or you are faced with trouble now and then. In major cities like San Jose, Oakland, Irvine, San Diego, LA, etc the plumbers are mostly on the go. Similarly amongst the most searched household services in the cities are mostly Irvine plumber, plumber near me in San Jose, nearby plumbers, plumbing services, etc you can find here. Though sounding similar the matter of plumbing can become complex and tedious if not handled well.

The general advice that many of us ignore in the context of plumbing is the regular check and maintenance. Now, it’s obvious that you can’t call the plumber for even the minutest of the defect and pay the money all time. What it means is that you must take care of certain things like what elements are being flushed each day into sinks to managing certain leaks and flaws on your own. Just by doing that you can save a good annual amount that is wasted on plumbing issues.

Well, as we proceed further in our discussion we would look into such amazing plumbing-related facts that are very possibly likely to blow your mind. So, get set for this plumbing laden infotainment:


Didn’t expect this to be talked about here? No, we are not talking about hair in terms of beauty and nourishment. Rather the bunch of hairs that are filling your bathroom drainage each passing day. How many times have you noticed your shedding hairs after a bath draining? Well, if you haven’t till yet then this is the time to start as it’s a major reason for clogging.

Corrosive Chemicals 

The highly acidic and coercive chemicals out there in the market are not a good option for opening out the cloggings at your home. Rather a baking soda and one vinegar mix with warm water would fizz out the drain easily if done regularly on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Leaking Gallons 

A little leakage from your tap might be a pretty normal thing for you, right? Think again as the leakage of just a drip per second can drain out over 11,300 liters of water annually. Not only this adds to the sheer wastage of water but rise in the moisture content in the house which can start to eat on the wall causing damage.

Water Efficiency 

One of the best practices to avoid plumbing damages in long run is the use of water-efficient devices. This can be easily checked by seeing the WaterSense rating on the product that you buy.


Flushing in the washroom is not only known for draining more than required water but also for causing that common problem breaking down of flush handle. Thus the best way out is to use water in the mug to flush things up and use the flush only when it is genuinely required and not every time.

No Hangings 

Make it a habit and never repeat, no hanging of things on pipes. The hanging of clothes and other items on the pipe puts weight on the specific area of the pipe causing damage in face of leakage and bursting.

Toilet Seats 

When your toilet seats are old and are hard to get out for replacement then unscrewing is not an option. Then you would require a hacksaw, to cut the trouble off.

No DIYs If It’s Serious 

If it leakage of minor level or small wear and tear then you can rely on your own plumbing skills to solve the issue. However, in case of a pipe burst don’t act smart to save money and just quickly contact the plumber on time. DIY-related damages are amongst the highest in the plumbing arena.


Insulation of pipes before the onset of winters is a very effective way to save wasting money on plumbing issues. You won’t like to search for a plumber in chilling winters as your pipe bursts.

Septic Tank 

Septic tanks hold a lot and are exposed to extreme moisture and chemical released from the material inside. Thus, it is necessary to check for the corrosion of the tank and get the things ready on time or face the tank burst and seepage leaking later.

Main Valve 

Check for the main water valve of the home from where you control the water supply of the house. Many a time it is seen that during a major plumbing problem when people try to turn it off the main valve is often found stiff and stuck as it has not been checked and rubbed up regularly.

Water Check

Water-related house damage is a major cause of house repair.  Yes, it might not be visible easily and would only come to notice when it is big. Thus, conduct bi-weekly plumbing and sealing inspection of your house on your own.


Water heaters are one crucial element in the house. The pipes related to it face temperature variation and the device itself runs a large amount of water. This exposure to the system requires a regular check-in face of corrosion check and pipe change as later the issue can cause severe damage like short circuits due to fusing or damage in heater’s coil.


Connections are often the point of damage. Thus it is necessary that you invest time and money in getting the right connector.

Round-Up Check   

Yes, it is the thing that we kept for talking at the last. While you can save money on excessive damage following the above tips we advise you to save money and spend annually as per budget on the overall round-up holistic check of your house’s plumbing setup.

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We, hope you got some useful insight about some basic yet ignored but useful facts and tips related to plumbing. We assure you one thing that if you start noting these things and adopt them in practice then more than half of your plumbing problems would be done and dusted. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the things we discussed here.