How to Maintain your Garage Door Properly

You keep your house well-maintained, but why is it that people often overlook it when it comes to a garage door? The thumb rule of taking care of your garage door is to do a seasonal inspection and call a garage door repair in Atlanta twice every year. If you keep on neglecting your garage door, you will eventually put a lot of pressure on the garage door.

Here are certain things you can do before you call an expert to take a look at the garage door.

Always watch your door in operation

A well-maintained garage door will hardly make any sound. However, if you have been neglecting your garage door, it will make a scraping sound when you open or close it. Plus, there will be some jerky movements as well. If you have been taking good care of the entryway, you should not see any jerkiness when it is operational. You need to look at both sides of the system. Take a look at the cables, pulleys, and also springs, and ensure they look symmetrical.

Make sure to clear the tracks

The tracks on both sides should be free from rust and debris; else, your door will not function properly. Another thing that you can do is use a level. See if the tracks and plumb are in their vertical sections. If there is a requirement for small adjustments that can be done, but if you feel the need for major track adjustment work, you should only hire professional garage door repair in Sandy Springs to do the tough jobs.

Tighten the hardware

The garage door moves up and down many times in a single day. And this can make the door and track hardware loosen up. Check out the door tracks, bracket holding to the wall, and ceiling and fasteners anchoring unit to the framing. With the help of a socket wrench, start tightening up the loose bolts, if any.

Replace the roller if needed

Check the edges of the garage door, and you will see the roller there. You should inspect the roller twice every year. Along with that, you should also replace the roller every 5 to 7 years. While inspecting for the roller, if you see any roller that is worn out, cracked, and even chipped, replace them immediately. You should be able to remove the damaged rollers on your own by removing the brackets, but if you don’t want to take the risk, call an expert.

Take a look at the pulleys and cables

Examine the lift links and pulleys that append to the base roller sections on the door. These give the connection between the springs and the entryway to help lift and lower the gate securely. Garage doors have one of two distinct kinds of springs: Extension springs, which are long, thin springs that run close by the level (overhead) segment of every door track. Torsion springs are mounted to a metal bar over the entryway opening. The two kinds use links to lift the entryway.

Test the door balance

If your garage door is not adequately balanced, then the garage door’s opener will be working twice as hard as normal, and unfortunately, it won’t last long. The door should always be well balanced, and a well-balanced door will hardly need a few pounds of force to lift itself. The door should also remain in one place that, too, without your assistance.

Call a professional for help

Now that you know how to take care of your garage door, you should also know that professionals can help you save your time and effort. Call an expert garage door repair in Atlanta who knows what to do and how to do it. Get in touch with the best garage door service provider today!