Color of Fun in Your Halloween Party

If you are fed up with the boring witches and ghost party, you can enjoy and add color to the Halloween party with us. If you are in a mood to make the best Halloween party, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to offer you the best of the best ideas to uplift the spirit of party.

Make your Halloween party a less ordinary party this time. We have provided an extraordinary planning of the party, you can follow to boost the spirit of party. You can add more color and fun to your party with these following superb party planning ideas. We advise if you are using the color for this festival use Cornstarch Color Powder which is eco-friendly and no more harms the skin and eyes as well.

#1. Halloween Party Special Invitations

halloween party diy invitationAn invitation is the most important part in arranging Halloween party. Instead of looking forward to horrible cards you can use the creative ideas of using red, orange and yellow color cards. You can get the party invitation card ideas from the internet and take a print out of it. Or you can get the red colored card and stick a white skeleton face on the front page of the card. You can use creepy fonts with lurking ghosts and spiders.

Add a personal touch to this invitation using a family photo on the front page of the card to for humbly inviting guests. If you are following any weird theme you can elaborate this inside this invitation card. If you want to make a DIY invitation card, buy a store-bought an envelope and draw the pictures and messages inside this. If you have enough time, you can take the help of your children and save your money as well.

#2. Spooky Style Venue and Decoration

Though this is a deadlier party, you can make it colorful applying different types of colorful decoration skills. You can use skeletal wearing a less with heading a colorful crown. Marigold flower is acknowledged as the traditional flower of dead. Make the vase symbolizing skeletal and décor it with orange and yellow marigold flowers. If you are planning a zombie party, you can use a zombie theme decoration and let the guests invite to come with zombie dress code.

DIA De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) colorful frame is perfect for inviting and adding more color to this dark and gruesome party. Or you can arrange the zombie decoration in the front door, heading “Beware of Zombies” and many other deadlier messages highlighting on the welcoming door.

#3. Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages plays a vital role in planning a party. You must be sure that you are preparing a food match with the Halloween theme party. Here we have planned and given some ideas about planning the food and beverages in the party. This will help you in making your task easy of making the deadlier Halloween party luscious and colorful too.

i) Candy Corn Cupcakes

candy corn cupcakesCandy corn cupcake is a favorite food served at the Halloween party. You can enjoy making it at home via this pretty homemade corn cupcake recipe. Purchase ready-made cupcake making the box and divide into three colors. Make one better of orange, second of yellow and third one of simple white color better. Prepare the cupcakes first pour the yellow better and make the second layer of orange color and top it with white batter. Bake it in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. Now frost it with white icing and top the center with mint. Now cover the whole white surface with colored corns. You can use only an orange color or use all three colors for eye-catching effect.

ii) Caramel-Peanut-Popcorn Snack Mix

caramel peanut popcorn snack mixYou can prepare a caramelized popcorn snack for mouth licking treat in Halloween. Just you need puffed corns. You can buy a store bough popcorns. Now take it in one bowl and glaze caramelized brown sugar, peanut butter, and dark corn syrup. Mix it well in one bowl and serve it in the orange color or yellow colored bowls. To add more color you can also sprinkle orange colored and yellow colored candies inside.

iii) Pumpkin Pie Cutout Cookies

pumpkin pie cutout cookiesMaking cookies at home is not a big deal. You can make it in advance before five days. Just make the round shaped cookies and frost or top with blue color piping. You can use orange color and many another color frosting for this and make various types of leaf-shaped cookies with leaf shaped cookie cutters. You can also prepare the pumpkin flavored cookies for perfect Halloween dessert.

iv) Brew-Ha-Ha Punch

brew-ha-ha-punchBrew-Ha-Ha is a spooky beverage can be served chilled in this Halloween. Fruity flavors of pineapple. Lime and a little bit of spicy flavor of ginger will add more zest to this drink. This is an instant and very easy recipe for a cocktail served immediately and tastes great as well. You can place this beverage bowl in the ice cube bowl to create a majestic smoky appearance.

v) Blood Orange Martinis

blood orange martinisBlood orange Martini is perfectly suitable to serve at the Halloween party. You can use blood oranges for preparing this drink. Or else you can use pomegranate juice or a drop of red food color for showing an eerie color to this drink. Red and orange color is the color of this festival so you can use strawberry juice or watermelon juice instead of this, depends on the fruits you have. Serve it in the cocktail glass with Halloween fangs.

#4. Games and Activities

When there is a party how can we forget to plan games and activities to entertain the guests? These are some ideas of games which are sure to delight the guests. Whoever fond of color and want to make this party enjoyable and coloring this is the best idea to play with. Here are some spectacular Halloween Games which can be played in this festival and party owner can entertain the guests as well.

i) Halloween Color Run

halloween color runHalloween is the season of color then why not fill the color in this festival. You can enjoy this festival by planning Halloween Color racing competition. You can plan the marathon or color run race in the outside garden area. Please do not use any chemical powder, use Cornstarch Color Powder for the betterment of guests. Now let the guests sprinkle the color on the guests taking part in the competition. Or else make the color available at the party place, and let the guest enjoying sprinkling color on each other. No more preparation is required for this; you just need a red, orange and yellow color to favor this Halloween celebration.

ii) Pot Luck

halloween pot luckPot Luck party is also a good idea to arrange the casual get together party. Hosts are welcomed with the assortments of dishes. However, everyone in the party comes with the different kinds of dishes and enjoys tasting different recipes with the rest of the group. It is somewhat interesting game adults would love to enjoy playing.

iii) Halloween Treasure Hunt

halloween treasure huntTreasure Hunt is a favorite game can be arranged for the kids to entertain them. This is planned in many ways to hide the treasure inside the pumpkin face or any kind of ghost or witches’ face. You can give any kind of map or clue for the children to find the treasure. You can plan to hide certain gifts for the guests and children playing this game and give them a surprising gift in this festival.

iv) Pumpkin Passing Game

pumpkin passing gameThis is very oldest but very fun loving and entertaining game that all age people can play get together. Just get the small size pumpkins in the circle. When the music starts everyone has to pass the pumpkin to the next person. As soon as the music stops whoever is without a pumpkin is out of this game.

bat borderTry this we are telling you, you will definitely enjoy this season’s Halloween as never before. Instead of having the decoration of deadlier faces and blood, use flowers and color to add extra sweetness to this celebration. Children would also love to get this type of celebration without any fear of facing deadlier faces. There are lots more ideas for celebrating Halloween with colors like you can decorate the party with orange and red color flowers.

Halloween is soon going to fall in this October Month and people have already started planning for arranging a Spooky party. I hope this might be the useful article for making your party exclusive and extraordinary than regular Halloween party.

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