Floral DIY Party Hats for Your Kids

Children’s parties can be lots of fun, but they often require a ton of decorations, activities, and supplies. While you can buy many things ready-made for your next party, there’s something to be said for creating certain items on your own.

A fun DIY project you may want to take on is party hats! There are a ton of themes you can choose from and including the kids in the project keeps them entertained and ensures they have something memorable to take home. If you want to learn several ways to make your own party hat, read on for ideas and instructions to create floral hats for kids.

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Themed Baseball Hats :

themed baseball capThese are a great idea for birthday parties with children under 8 years old. Once you settle on the basic idea, like superheroes, Disney, animals, even colors, gather your materials and help the kids get creative.


  • Plain Baseball Caps
  • Fabric Pens
  • Stickers (Optional)

Before you get started, write every child’s name on the inside of their hat, so the hats don’t get lost. Once every hat has a name, give each child their baseball cap and let them draw their own flowers on the hat. You can even let them accentuate their design with stickers related to the theme of the party.

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Faux Flower Party Hats :

Faux Flower Party HatsWhether it’s a tea party, an Easter party, or a child’s springtime birthday, incorporate ribbons and artificial flowers to really bring in the season.


  • Straw Hat
  • Multicolor Ribbons
  • Fake Flowers
  • Glue

To start, grab a ribbon in the color of your choice and wrap it around the hatband. Glue it down in several spots around the band and wait until it’s dry. You can choose to tie a bow in the ribbon, leave the ends dangling, or tuck the edges in.

Once the ribbon is secure and dry, grab several sizes and colors of the fake flowers and glue them on strategically. A popular choice is to glue a small cluster of flowers next to the ribbon on your hat, but many people also like to intersperse the flowers regularly around the band. Don’t be afraid to go wild and add flowers to the brim or crown of your hat!

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Floral Headbands :

Floral HeadbandsIf you’re hosting a party for children who love headbands, it might be time to modify your hats into headbands! This craft is a little more complex, so save it for children above age 10.


  • Plastic Headbands
  • Crepe Paper in Folds
  • Scissors
  • Thin Gauge Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Flower Stencil (Optional)
  • Glue (Optional)

To create your paper flowers, follow these instructions:


  • Take the crepe paper and cut off four inches.
  • Cut the four-inch section in half in the same direction as the paper grain.
  • Using a stencil, or your imagination, cut out 5-8 petal shapes with the grain of the paper going from top to bottom.
  • Cut your wire into two lengths: one ten inches long and another about three inches long.

Flower Center

  • Take a scrap of paper and wrap the long wire around the middle very tightly, leaving the edges dangling.
  • Scrunch the paper into a ball to create the center of the flower.
  • Take a square of paper in the color you want the center to be and wrap it around the ball.
  • Secure this square of paper at the bottom by twisting or gluing it down.

Adding Petals

  • Take the petals you’ve already cut out and stretch them to make the paper curve. This won’t work unless the grain is going from top to bottom.
  • Place the petals around the center of the flowers and pinch them at the base.
  • Once you’ve added enough petals, wrap your short wire around the bottom of the petals to hold them in place.
  • Create as many flowers as you want to put on your headband.

You can vary the shape, size and amount of the petals to create different types of flowers. Once your flowers are all made, you can either twist them all tightly together before placing the stack of flowers on your headband, or you can wrap each wire individually around the headband. Just make sure your wire is secure. If you need to attach anything even more tightly, use your glue.

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Time to Create !

Since so many of these crafts can be modified to suit your personality, don’t be afraid to add whatever you want to your chosen hat craft. You can even mix and match each of these DIY ideas to create a completely new style of hat! Whether you need floral paper, faux petals, or stem wire, shop for everything you need your favorite craft store!

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