automn accesories

If the cold weather is bringing you down, you have to somehow improve your mood. What is the best way to do that, rather than spicing up your looks, by including smashing accessories to your outfits, giving them warmth and a pop of color?

If you want to learn how to lighten up yourself and look gorgeous this autumn, keep reading.

#1. Tights :-

This piece of clothing is the first thing that pops into my mind when thinking about autumn fashion. Do you want to wear your favorite dresses and skirts during the cold season? Put on a pair of tights. Want to bring life in your dull outfits? Yes, you guess it, put on a pair of tights. Get out of your comfort zone, start playing with your wardrobe and try different patterns and styles.

#2. Scarves :-

Scarves are something you must have in your closet this autumn. Choose long and oversized ” blanket” scarves. They give a messy and cozy look. You can wear them with a belt over your coat or with your favorite jacket to get the autumnal vibe. Another great pick is an infinity scarf. Pick up a couple of knitted scarves with interesting patterns and you got yourself covered for the rest of the season.

#3. Poncho sweaters :-

The poncho is a holy grail accessory for cold autumn weather. It looks so comfy and effortless on everyone, and yet it’s so practical and keeps you warm. It is a versatile piece and pairs well with different clothing pieces, such as skinny jeans and over the knee boots. There are many colors and patterns available, choose warm toned and vibrant ones.

#4. Hats :-

Are you not that brave to wear a big and noticeable hat? I’m going to try to convince you the opposite. First, they keep you warm on rainy and cold days. Second, they are classy and better your whole outfit. Do you need a third reason? Because I have it. They make you look cool even on your bad hair days. Just pop it on and you are ready to go. Choose a fedora or a floppy wool hat in bold colors and you’ll have compliments coming right your way.

#5. Faux fur vests :-

halloween faux fur vestsFaux fur is chic, stylish and most important guiltless. You can give a brand new look to your old jacket and shirts with a furry vest. Invest in one this autumn and merge it into your outfits. It looks great over a leather jacket and denim or plaid shirts. Pay attention to the quality of the fur, fiber shedding and texture.

#6. Hair accessories :-

halloween hair accessoriesBuy jewelry for your hair and stand out from the crowd this autumn. From headbands and head wraps to ties and pins, don’t hesitate to try them all. Many stores have a variety of styles to choose from with very affordable prices. You can also DIY them to your liking. Choose embellished headbands and leafed hair clips, they are a massive trend and will crown your look.