app sucks

Reason #1: Your App Is Not Useful

What does your app do?

Does it only pop HI when someone opens it and then shuts down?

Or does it let people do what it says flawlessly?

The usability of your app is one of the greatest factors behind your app’s success.

While analyzing successful and failed apps in the store, I have seen people commenting, “the app does nothing, what a waste of time” and “Rubbish app, I would have given 0 rating to this app”.

How To Fix It: So, before getting your app developed, make sure it will interest your target audience. The best option is to take a survey (not only in your group but ask your friends to ask their friends as well).

Reason #2: It’s Pretty Difficult To Use Your App

Don’t overlook the fact that your target audience is using 4-inch to 9-inch display and they are mostly on the go. I have downloaded some good apps from the store but uninstalled them because using those apps was perplexing. Don’t let your users uninstall your app and look for alternatives.

How To Fix It: To fix this choose color of your app wisely. Make sure that the color you are using are differentiating the clickable buttons and normal text. Another way to fix it is using menu options at the top and several other.

Reason #3: There Is Too Much Text In Your App

Text, Text, and Text….

Nobody likes to see text on their screen when they open an app.

If you don’t, then your users don’t like reading text as well.

Remember, if someone would like to read stories, then instead of downloading your app they would better buy a book. Add too much text on your app only frustrates and confuses your users.

How To Fix It: Don’t educate about the app with too much text. While educating them, make sure to engage them, exactly like SnapChat does. So keep the onboarding design as intuitive as you can. Flash screens will do the best. While considering onboarding, also focus on the app. Keep it intuitive and engaging so that people can use it while on the go.

Reason #4: Your App Takes Time To Load

Your App is taking time to load!

Your users might not like it.

If you hate an app that takes a time to load, then your users hate it too.

If you have a shopping app, then make sure that the images of the products load when your users open the page.

Mobile users are impatient, and they should be as there are plenty of options and alternatives available in the store. They download apps to get help or get entertained, not to stare on the screen and wait for the app to load.

How To Fix It: Make sure that your users are able to access the app and its entire content in minimal time.

Reason #5: Need To Signup Even When It’s Not Needed

Not every app needs a signup.

So break the law of signing up and let users explore your app the way they want, the way you would want.

Now, you will say signups help in personalizing the app. But, it is equally true that users uninstall apps only because of unnecessary signups requirement. Don’t you want to make sure that your users come back to you regularly?

How To Fix It: It’s pretty easy. If you have an Uber like app, then you need your users to signup and users will also understand the requirement and would signup.