Party favors are the finishing touch to a celebration. The best favors complement the theme of your celebration and give your guests something special to remember the occasion. Make your next party favors even more meaningful by crafting them yourself!

Customized Wine GlassesCustomized Wine GlassesHave your guests celebrate with personalized wine glasses! Try dipping the base of the glass in chalkboard paint for people to label or doodle or add personalized charms for each guest. They are sure to enjoy their customized wine glass!

Treat Bags for KidsTreat Bags for KidsAssemble your own assortment of baked goods and wrap them in bags for a treat your little guests will love. Create themes with soda gummies, animal crackers, and knick knacks that will keep the kids from getting bored. To wrap these treat bags, use colorful paper or clear plastic bags with an easy-to-pull ribbon and some paper shred filling.

For the Foodies

Mix your own blend of organic herbs to create soothing teas for your guests. This is the perfect party favor for baby showers, spa retreats, book club gatherings, and more. Try combining lemongrass, chamomile, and lemon peel for a relaxing herbal blend. Your guests will appreciate the sentiment!

Go Green with PlantsGo Green with plantsYoung plants are a fun party favor for any age. Kids will love taking care of their own succulents, while adults will appreciate fresh basil or mint in mini terracotta pots. Check out your local nursery or gardening store to purchase a pallet of plants at a reduced price.

Hand-Poured Candles Hand-Poured Candles

Hand-poured candles are easy to make in a variety of scents—and the best part is there are so many personal finishes you can make for each party guest! Using tea tins for a bohemian feel or antique teacups for a vintage vibe, settle on a theme that your guests will enjoy.

Combining essential oils with your favorite fragrances, melt beeswax and slowly pour into the holder. Guests will enjoy the extra step you went into making the special occasion memorable and fun.

Mini Mason Jar Bath Salts

Mini Mason Jar Bath SaltsMiniature mason jars are a great way to package custom bath salts. Whether you are choosing between elegant or rustic themes, they can be decorated with to fit your celebration. Although mason jars carry no limit to their function, try combining epsom salts, baking soda, and essential oils for a luxury bath experience.

Magnet Photos

Magnet Photos

For an anniversary or birthday party, it can be really fun to dig up old photos and reproduce them on magnets for your guests. They are constant reminders of the good memories you all have shared and are sentimental ways to express love, warmth, and joy. The best part about commemorative magnet photos is that they associate the nostalgia of older photos with the special occasion.

Artisanal BouquetsArtisanal Flower bouquetIf you’re having trouble deciding on a common party favor theme that you can impart your guests with, fresh flowers are always the right choice. Head to the local florist or pick your own wildflowers to craft artisanal bouquets that match the color scheme of your gathering.

Finishing each bouquet with lace, bows, and ribbons is an easy way to personally decorate them. You can find discounted prices for all of your party supply needs at Paper Mart.

Personalized Seed Packets

Another creative approach to party favors is to buy seeds for each guest and create a personalized packet and pot for them to plant them in. To go the next step, create a monogrammed card to affix to the packet with ribbon or twine. Your guests will think of you as they foster a growing plant!

Decorate a Tote Bag

Canvas tote bags come in handy for farmers’ markets, grocery shopping, or spontaneous picnic lunches at the park. Present a fully decorated tote bag to your guests or have them adorn their own for a fun party activity. Canvas tote bags can be purchased in bulk and make excellent party favors for any occasion!