Hairstyle Apps for Android and iOS

Feeling at a loss when it comes to choosing a new hairstyle? Sure, you can hit the nearest salon for some styling advice, but, as you know, that doesn’t come in free.

In the meantime, here’s something you can try out from the comfort of your home – hairstyle apps. They’re free of charge and great for figuring out what style suits you the best.

Top Apps for Hairstyle Beauty Makeovers

In this article, we’ll talk about the best apps designed for Android and iOS smartphones. So, relax and enjoy our top best hairstyle apps roundup.

#1. Hairstyles Step-by-Step (Android)

Hairstyles Step-by-Step (Android)Image source: Google Play

Our first contender is Piu Piu Apps’ Hairstyles Step-by-Step. An awesome Android-compatible beauty app featuring unique hairstyling video tutorials. With a library that includes over 60 styles, including braids, buns, tails, and, of course, the classics, this app is everything you’ll ever need if you plan on visiting the salon anytime soon.

The application is free of charge and works like a charm, regardless of your phone’s model. Careful about reproducing the hairstyles, though. Some of them can be tricky to learn even with step-by-step instructions.


  • Share your style on social media.
  • Step-by-step videos.
  • Free to download and to use.


  • Lacks interactivity.
  • Most of the hairstyles available are tricky to master.

#2. BoothStache (iOS)

BoothStache (iOS)Image source: Apple

Have you ever considered the idea of donning a mustache? Well, meet BootStache, a whimsical iOS app that features 16 unique styles. BoothStache uses your camera or your photo gallery to make the magic happen.

Thinking about what your loved ones would say if they saw you with a mustache? Not a problem! Just hit the “share” button and post the results on your favorite social media platform.

Since it’s one of the most popular beauty apps in iOS’ store, BoothStache features powerful editing tools (color, texture, brightness), as well as auto-cropping options to make the process as easy as possible.


  • Free to download.
  • Cropping features.
  • Automatic face detection.
  • Before and after option.
  • Social media sharing.


  • Limited library.
  • Pay to access mores styles.

#3. 50 Cute Hairstyles (Android)

50 Cute Hairstyles (Android)Image source: Google Play

Don’t let the name deceive you because this is more than just another beauty advice app. Although it lacks the interactive part, 50 Cute Hairstyles has one of the biggest databases of women hairstyles on the market. From old-school styles such as ponytails or simple braids to the more complex French braids, fishtail braids, this app will show you exactly what to do.

Yes, you’ve guessed it! Built-in step-by-step video, detailed editorials curated by professional hairstylists, and, of course, the option of sharing your favorite hairstyles with your friends and/or family members via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp.


  • Free to download.
  • Over 60 unique hairstyles: law buns, high buns, curls.
  • Offline mode available.
  • Festive hairstyles tutorials.
  • HD videos and pictures.


  • Some hairstyles can be hard to reproduce even with instructions.
  • Users reported freezing issues.

#4. Hairstyle Makeover (iOS)

Hairstyle Makeover (iOS)Image source: Apple

If you need a professional touch, you should definitely consider downloading Hair Makeover for iOS. It’s an easy to use and free beauty application based on real hairstyles done by professional stylists. All you have to do is download the app, select one or more pictures from the media gallery or snap one on the spot and that’s it.

Within seconds, you will be ready to select your new style based on skin tone and face shape. The application works great with beards and mustaches as well, not just fancy hairstyles.


  • Advanced style-editing tools such as blurring, brightness, layering, flipping, zooming, adjusting
  • You can delete unwanted parts.
  • Hair Makeover is free for download.


  • Freezing.
  • Minor glitches when purchasing new styles.
  • The application only has about five samples available, which doesn’t say much in terms of diversity, meaning that you have to pay in order to get new ones.

#5. Hair Styles and Haircuts (Android)

Hair Styles and Haircuts (Android)Image source: Google Play

Ever wondered how to do a braid? Or, better yet, get that one special hairstyle that will make you stand out at your best friend’s wedding? Well, the Hair Styles and Haircuts apps can certainly help you with that.

Featuring the largest collection of hairstyles on the web (over 900) this application contains step-by-step video tutorials, as well as great maintenance tips. So, no matter if you’re looking for braids, cascades or beams, you’re bound to find something of interest here.


  • The database is updated every month.
  • High-definition pics featuring real-life hairstyles.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials.



  • The app lacks the interactive part, meaning that it’s more of a catalog than a snap-and-edit app.

#6. Men Hairstyle (Android)

Men Hairstyle (Android)Image source: Google Play

A lightweight Android-compatible application that allows you to choose the perfect hairstyle. Featuring over 500 short and long hairstyle, this app is definitely the right choice if you can’t figure out what your next hairstyle should look like.

The app has in-built multi-touch zoom zones, offline use, social media sharing options, and, of course, a feature that allows you to save the photos locally.

Sadly, the app is not interactive and, as far as we could tell, nobody bothered to update the hairstyle database since 2016. On the other hand, it’s a great starting point if you really can’t figure out what to say to your hairstylist the next time you hit the salon.


  • Off-line use.
  • Multi-touch zones.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Save pictures on local storage.


  • No interactive features.
  • The database hasn’t been updated since 2016.

#7. Man Hairstyle Photo Editor (Android)

Man Hairstyle Photo Editor (Android)Image source: Google Play

There’s nothing more daunting than having to think about what kind of hairstyle you want. Going to a professional hair salon for that change could cost you a pretty penny. Luckily for us guys, there’s a quick and free alternative – Man Hairstyle Photo Editor.

Considered the Photoshop of beauty applications, this little helper, which touts a 4.1-star rating on Google Play, will use your photo gallery or phone’s camera to generate a realistic preview of you rocking a brand-new hairstyle.

As you would expect, the app allows the user to control everything related to the new hairstyle – color, style, texture, and brightness. If the hairstyle is to your liking, don’t forget to share the pics with your friends via social media.


  • Highly interactive app.
  • Realistic hairstyles.
  • Image cropping.
  • Save on local storage.


  • Limited database.
  • Controls are sometimes confusing.

#8. Beautylish (for Android and iOS)

Beautylish (for Android and iOS)Image source: Google Play

Beautylish is what you could call a hybrid beauty app – part e-shop and part hairstyling and makeup tutorials catalog. Much to our surprise, Beautylish was a breath of fresh air since every other app we’ve tested seemed to be just another Photoshop clone.

Apart from being able to shop for all the stuff you want, the app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS, you have access to hundreds of articles related to hairstyles, makeup, and skincare.

And now for the cons – the application doesn’t offer interactive support, and some users have voiced their discontent regarding the app’s lack of filtering.


  • Shop directly from the app.
  • Step-by-step hair and makeup tutorials.
  • Great beauty editorials.
  • Stellar customer support service.
  • Includes popular beauty brands such as Urban Decay, Too Faced, Inglot, and Sephora.


  • No interactive support.
  • Limited product filtering options.

#9. 90+ Hairstyle Tutorials (Android)

90+ Hairstyle Tutorials (Android)Image source: Google Play

It’s very hard to find the hairstyle to complement your looks. That’s why it’s important to have a little helper at the ready. Introducing 90+ Hairstyle Tutorials, an Android-friendly application that will teach how to master the art of hairstyling in no time.

Although there’s little to no interactivity, the step-by-step video tutorials accompanied by text descriptions are more than enough for you to learn new hairstyles.


  • Superb pictures.
  • HD videos.
  • A fine selection of hairstyles.
  • Optimized application.


  • No type of interactivity.
  • Minor bugs and glitches (freezing, app stopped working).

#10. Girls Hairstyles (Android)

Girls Hairstyles (Android)Image source: Google Play

And the last item on our list of best hairstyling application combines glam with functionality. Girls Hairstyles is a posh style-changing app that allows you to visualize, in real time, if the new hairstyle suits you or not.

Although the UI could mislead you into thinking that this is just another teenage game, the app touts one of the most advanced editing tools available on the market.

Just snap a pic of yourself or use one from the gallery and let the games begin. Looking for something more than another hairstyle? No problem. Choose various accessories from the library, put them all together and see the results.

As far as picture editing is concerned, this app works only with high-resolution pics which can be modified in any way you like. Tinker with saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, add shadows, highlights or HDR effects.


  • Advanced Image-editing effects:  art, text/photo insertion, focus, crop, and filters.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Works with phone’s camera and gallery.


  • Takes up too much RAM.
  • Ads can be disconcerting.


There you have it folks – 10 of the best hairstyle applications for Android and iOS. Each of them has their pros and cons so, as always, it’s up to you to decide which one works for you. Also, before we go, here’s an extra piece of advice – if you decide on downloading or buying an interactive app, make sure your phone’s camera good enough. Otherwise, the results will not be to your liking, making you uninstall the application.

Author Bio:

Jeffrey Arvel is a full-time barber from Portland, Oregon. Beside his daytime job, he contributes to where he likes to spread his insights on how to properly maintain your skin and hair’s health.