Kitchen Gadgets

The quality of your kitchen cooking tools and equipment determines the value of your vegan lifestyle. You should invest in your kitchen gadgets to obtain the highest value diets to guarantee good health. Therefore, having the best devices in your kitchen means maintaining perfect health for the longest time

You can’t afford all kitchen gadgets you desire or those that can revolutionize your kitchen space. But having some of these gadgets and being hands-on with them in the kitchen can transform your cooking. Technology keeps producing new equipment for modern kitchens so you should keep on looking for better devices to modernize your inventory.

High-Speed Blender

A high-speed blender is among the necessary accessories for kitchen inventories. Modern home kitchens feature this device in essential kitchen gadgets that are more impactful to vegan diets. A good quality high-speed blender highly improves the nutritional value you can derive from a vegan diet.

You can get good blenders for green smoothies from any store that deals with best quality kitchen gadgets. You should take preference of trusted quality brands to increase the chances of having a good quality appliance. Another good way of ensuring your blender is high quality is through referrals from family, friends, or colleagues.

Air Fryer

An air fryer is amongst the modern kitchen things used for cooking food in a better way. This kitchen gadget promises to deliver deep fried food with less than 80% of the oil used in the conventional deep frying. So you can safely enjoy vegan treats like falafel all the time at home with fantastic kitchen gadgets like this one.

Vegan diets promote the healthiest food patterns for the longevity of your health. So most of the deep fried foods are not encouraged or tolerated in vegetarian programs. The air fryer ensures you enjoy the crispy taste of deep fried food while adhering to the vegetarian dietary recommendations.

Mortar and Pestle

All vegan kitchen gadget ideas should include a mortar and pestle in the cabinet. Vegetarian diets feature lots of crushing, and this combo offers the best medium for this. You can conveniently break apart anything you want to apply in the vegan diet.

The recipes requiring lots of crushing and grinding of fresh herbs and spices get easily realized through these kitchen gadgets. Instead of using ground and packaged spices that have lost much of their nutritional values, have these gadgets in your kitchen inventory and enjoy high-quality fresh spices and herbs.

Mandolin Slicers and Vegetable Peelers

Modern kitchen tools like slicers and peelers have significantly changed the way we prepare our vegetables. We no longer have to spend lengthy periods peeling or slicing through vegetables. With the mandolin slicer and new peelers available in the market, you have little to no trouble slicing and dicing vegetables.

These handy kitchen gadgets also improve the quality of vegetables as you get evenly sliced parts, as such, enabling vegetarians to derive more nutritional value from the diet. On the other hand, using these gadgets save lots of time that can get utilized in other activities.

Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers have become essential and very efficient kitchen cooking equipment in the modern kitchen. The most significant advantages of pressure cookers are energy efficiency and time-saving. Pressure cookers can cook food in less than 30% of the typical duration with less than a quarter of the energy usually used.

So, for quick cooking in this modern era of energy conservation, pressure cookers are among the must-have kitchen gadgets. Through technological advancements, we have better and more efficient pressure cookers, as well as they have become more affordable. So you can easily walk into any convenience store and purchase a high-quality pressure cooker.

Electric Crock Pot

Amongst the modern must-have cooking gadgets is the electric crock pot. The traditional slow cookers have always presented a potential fire hazard. Most often, the food burns and starts a fire because you can forget to check on it. Gone are those days! These modern kitchen gadgets ensure your food cooks safely without you checking on it.

The appliance has a precise timer which also acts as the switch. You place your food on it and set the timer which turns it on, and food starts cooking. Once the timer runs out, it automatically switches off ensuring your food doesn’t catch fire. So you can have your food cooking at home while you are at work.

Garlic Press

It’s among the most affordable tools, and a must have especially if you love garlic in your meals. Very few people fancy chopping or peeling vinegar. Well, it leaves a strong garlic smell on your fingers. With a garlic press, you’ll chop fast, and it comes out evenly sliced perfect for your meals.

Box Grater

The box graters are a must have small kitchen appliances handy for preparing several vegan treats. The multi-purpose modern kitchen gadget can achieve several shapes like noodles and spirals in seconds. As such it is a necessary gadget for attractively presenting your food before you go out for the more specialized food shaping kitchen gadgets.

The four sides of the box grater feature different orientations each producing various shapes. The box grater is more stable than the single-face grater, as such, much safer and faster to use. When purchasing this gadget, select one with a comfortable handle to reduce strain on your hands when in use.

Digital Food Scale

For accuracy and consistency in preparing vegetarian foods, smart kitchen accessories like the digital weighing scale are very handy. Gone are the days of approximating the quantities of the required ingredients. You can have accurate measures in pounds or ounces for your recipes at any time.

In professional vegan food outlets, digital weighing scales are crucial in maintaining consistent results. When using these scales, you can quickly determine the adjustment allowances to make to attain the desired outcome. We recommend this gadget for home use, as well, to imitate the professional settings and improve the value of the vegan diet.

Ceramic Sharpener

A sharpener is a convenient kitchen device that ensures your sharp edges remain fine all the time. For knives especially, a ceramic sharpener easily maintains a flawless cutting edge for slicing through anything. Advice from professional chefs is that blades are the most critical gadgets on the kitchen table. So you should have a ceramic sharpener to always have the knives sharp on your own.

Sharp knives save time as you get through the chopping fast. Moreover, you get to minimize the chances of accidents by reducing the amounts of slips as you do the slicing and chopping. So you should have a good quality ceramic sharpener among your kitchen gadgets that are easy and safe to use.


All kitchen accessories in your inventory should serve to make work easier in preparing your favorite meals. In this regard, you should buy your kitchen gadgets based on their efficiency above the general demand for them. All in all, the more devices you stock, the better the experience you have in the kitchen as well as increasing the value of your diet. We recommend you be on the watch for smart kitchen tools that enable you to enjoy aspects that you usually can’t.

If you have a gadget or an idea you can buy that improves the vegan diet, please share with us here.

Author’s Bio: Tommy is a freelance writer and tutor. He studied journalism at New York University. Also, he loves traveling, camping, and healthy living. Now, as a dad of two, he is constantly on the lookout for tips and tricks to make life easier and spend more time with his family.