Things to Know Before Buying portable swamp cooler

There are quite a number of things you can do to get yourself through the hot summer. But the question is, are those methods high energy efficient? If not, get a portable swamp cooler. This device has the capabilities of delivering very high-quality cooling power. evaporative air cooler is very effective and inexpensive. The best part is that one doesn’t have to worry about energy consumption.

It is designed to deliver unparalleled cooling power while consuming minimal energy. A swamp cooler is widely used in the west. The region is popular for having dry climates most parts of the year.

Owning one will do you great service without worrying about the operating costs. The unique features that make it popular will be analyzed throughout this article.

#1. The workings of an evaporative Air Cooler

How swamp cooler workThe concept behind the evolution of a portable swamp cooler is pretty much easy. To understand it even better, visit a garden yard on a hot sunny day.

Turn on the sprinklers and stand adjacent to the water splashing out. You will notice a cooling effect; there will be a very cool breeze in the atmosphere.

This is exactly what evaporative cooling does. It deploys water vapor in the environment making the surrounding air to cool.

This cooling effect will persist so long as the evaporative cooler is on.

#2. Why people prefer evaporative Air Coolers

There is no cooling method that can come close to a portable swamp cooler. These gadgets are very efficient and convenient than the Air conditioners. This is because they are very eco-friendly and their energy consumption is amazing. They are also very effective than typical fans. You will surely spend less money when using an evaporative air cooler.

#3. How do you know your climate needs an evaporative cooler?

cooler tempKnowing if you need a portable air cooler in your environment is very simple. These gadgets are known to effectively cool you down in areas with high temperature and low humidity. In order to know they will work well in your region. Check the temperatures as well as the relative humidity of your area during summer seasons.

The rule is, a swamp cooler will provide a comfortable environment if it produces air colder than 70F. Anything hotter than 75F will not be comfortable. Between 70F and 75F is a gray area, people will tend to have completely different reactions. Some will be comfortable while
others will not.

#4. Advantages of using a portable evaporative cooler

It is energy efficient. Using a Portable swamp cooler is the most affordable method of keeping cool during hot seasons. You get to spend very less on power saving a lot more than someone using air conditioners. This gadget is known to cut the cost of electricity by half. You also get to spend lesser than someone using refrigerated cooling systems. They are thus the best cooling systems in terms of energy consumption.

– It doesn’t emit any pollutants.
This cooler does not emit any form of harmful gas whatsoever. They are known to give nothing but water vapor to the environment. The carbon emissions are totally insignificant thus regarded as the best cooling system. They also don’t need refrigerated gas to work optimally neither do they require compressors. Use of a portable evaporative cooler has been certified to be very safe.

– They barely cause air pollution.
A swamp cooler has air filters that are designed to significantly do away with the indoor odor. It is known to filter the air and give the surrounding fresh air that is not harmful to humans. You will be assured of nothing less than satisfactory results that will prove very worth it.

fresh air

– Very easy to set up.
You don’t need any amount for installation services. They are very easy to install and use. You only need to follow the steps carefully, and it will be up and running in no time. It is not like air conditioners that need certain expertise that costs a lot.

– It adds moisture to the environment.
This device will come in handy in a hot temperature area. They will not only cool the place but add a significant amount of moisture to the environment. This means that if you live in a high-temperature area, you will experience happy, cool days.

#5. Shortcomings of using evaporative air coolers

-They are not effective in areas with high humidity; this is because they also make the environment humid.
-If you leave in an area with minimum or less water you might have a problem. Portable air coolers are designed to use more water so you will need plenty of it.

#6. Difference between portable air coolers, fans and air conditioners

Summer is comprised of intense heat. You need to make a wise choice on which one will give you the best cooling services. Here is what to look at.

Difference between portable air coolers, fans and air conditioners

#7. What size of a swamp cooler will best suit your room

To get the appropriate size of an air cooler you need to consider some specific facts. Try and find out how much airflow per minute it can blow. This is usually measured regarding Cubic Feet per Meter (CFM), Cubic Meters per Minute (CMM) or Cubic Meters per Hour (CMH). You need to choose a swamp cooler that has a good rating suitable for your room space. Compute in terms of CMH (m3/h) to get the ideal cooler for that specific room.

1).Reference data on air exchange rate in different situation.



2). Method of counting numbers of cooler

Numbers of cooler = Square meter area x ceiling height (M) x air exchange rate/ actual air flow volume of units(CMH).

For example:

Room size for cooler

Volume of the Room: Length x Width x Height=5 x 6 x 4 = 120m3

Air exchange per hour = 25 times

(Tip: Fixed post air exchange rate can be adjusted according to practical environment conditions.)

Total amount of air replaced per hour = 120m3 x 25 times = 3000m3

Then, You will choose a air cooler with a 3000 CMH rating

#8. Main features to be conversant with when dealing with an evaporative cooler.

  • Cooling pads

This is what determines how cool your space will be. Each cooler has a cooling pad that varies in thickness. Try a cooling pad that will give you the best cooling effect. You need to keep in mind that the thicker the cooling pad, the better the cooling effect.


  • Fan Type vs. Blower Type

What is the good air cooler Fan type VS blower typeFans and blowers perform the same function but employ different principles. A fan will tend to blow and circulate air throughout a large room. A blower on the other side will circulate air in a specific part of the room. The fun is an electrical device whereas a blower is a mechanical device. They are both used for cooling in industries. They are also used in electric gadgets to do the same function. The major difference is that blowers produce a lot of gas by a huge amount of pressure. Fans, on the other hand, will produce a large amount of gas from a low amount of pressure.

Here a comparison table:


#9. How do you clean evaporative air coolers

Like any other cooling devices, evaporative coolers need to be cleaned to function effectively. You need to make sure they are you clean them properly and regularly. This will ensure you enjoy their services for quite a long time.


#10. How to maintain evaporative air coolers

To increase the lifespan of your evaporative coolers, make sure they are serviced at least twice a year. This should be done before winter or mid-summer. This will make sure that your portable swamp cooler maintains its efficiency and function ability.

Before summer comes in, you can put the whole device apart and clean each and every part carefully. Replace those parts that need replacing and disinfect the whole cooler. Use Biocide and not Chlorine based bleach or other harmful substances.

– Once summer is over, you need to again detach the components and thoroughly clean them. You will need to empty the tanks and pipes. Use a cloth to clean the tanks. Wash the internal components and leave them to dry. Make sure you cover them to avoid damages.