The Greatest Features of Online Casino Games in 2021

The impact of game features on the overall success of online casino websites cannot be overlooked. We say this because casino games with excellent features give players a more satisfying experience. And a satisfied player will, in turn, spend more time playing games. 

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Moving forward, let’s discuss the essential features of every online casino game in 2021. 

Live Dealer Casinos

This feature takes online gaming immersion to a whole new level. With a live dealer casino game, players get to experience the thrills and ambiance of playing at a traditional casino without having to leave the comfort of their homes. 

Unlike the regular casino games, an actual human will deal out the cards instead of computers. Players get to communicate with the dealers. And the microchip-powered cards broadcast the live actions to your screen. 

The live dealer casino experience is surreal and is often debated as the most incredible innovation of online casino games. 

Mobile Casinos

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. So, it only makes sense that the fantastic casino games are accessible across the PC and mobile. 

To this end, casino operators have partnered with app developers to provide fast and mobile casino games that are compatible with the smaller screens of mobile devices. 

The mobile features enable punters to play their favorite games wherever they are! 

3D Games

The 3D game feature means you get to enjoy your games in high-quality graphics.  The beauty of these games is that players do not need to spend extra money on a high-capacity gaming PC, monitor, and special glasses before enjoying almost the same quality of graphics, and sound effects as they see in AR films. 

This three-dimensional effect has only been seen in video games. But thanks to technology, the characters and symbols of casino games will now look a lot more like actual humans. 

As a result, the whole online casino game will also look more lively, captivating, and engaging. 

Multiple Screen Slots

You can now enjoy different online casino games simultaneously using this feature. This multi-screen facility allows players to view and play several games using one display. 

Casino games with multiple screens are notorious because of the way they help players form better winning combos. 

The feature increases the players’ chances of winning in the online poker game since they can increase the number of pots they play. 

They also make the most of their playing time since they can access more pots simultaneously.

Avalanche Reels

This feature has changed how the traditional slot spin appears. 

Essentially, it replaces the spin with a falling symbol, similar to how Tetris-style block games work.

It is named “Avalanche” because the icons explode when a player lands a winning line. New lines then fall into place and offer the player a free spin. The sequence continues for as long as the player keeps winning.


The storytelling feature has led to increased player engagement in online casino games, especially with 3D video slots. Since then, other online casino games have started to key into the potential of storytelling. 

For instance, it is now evident in slot games where plots, heroes, and villains have been incorporated into the games instead of the boring symbols.

The best part is that each online casino game has a chosen theme for the game, and coupled with the 3D graphics, this new feature significantly improves the playing experience.

Licensed Games

Licensed games are casino-style games that reputable gambling authorities have audited. In a trustless ecosystem, they assure punters that all game outcomes are completely randomized. Moreover, they are only found in licensed casinos. Therefore, players can bet with confidence that they will not be deprived of their earnings when they manage to win.  

Licensed games have fast won the trust of punters over the years, helping casinos retain old customers while attracting new ones.


Developers have latched onto the idea that a fitting soundtrack can keep online casino players going for hours on end. 

As a result, they found ways to incorporate soundtracks that are stimulating yet soothing into the background of online casino games. 

The soundtracks often increase or decrease in tempo when required and improve the online gaming experience. 

Final Thoughts

In the fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world of modern online casinos, keeping old and new players satisfied requires extra effort. 

Thus,  only online casinos that offer games with the best features have grown their clientele. 

We hope that casino operators will take initiatives from this guide when considering the games to enlist in their offering. And yes, this could help the casino weed the excellent games from the average ones.