What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do

Purchasing real estate is one of the most significant steps you can do in your life because it’s the fruit of your hard work. However, you can’t afford to make mistakes that might cost a fortune if you don’t know the legalities in acquiring your property. It’s where having a real estate attorney comes to the scene.

If you’re not fully knowledgeable about how the law works, you might end up with problems complicating your situation. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a legal representation during transactions.

Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate attorney is a legal professional who concentrates on real estate matters. Lawyers like Ryan J. Gibbs and others help those people involved in buying, renting, managing, and handling real estate concerns. They’re proficient in the field of law and they handle a wide array of legal matters. Make sure to know the credentials of your attorney. In addition, you can check their social media profile, website, client testimonials, and other online references.  

Here’s how a real estate attorney can help you with properly handling your real estate: 

#1. Mediates In Legal Transactions Between Buyer And Seller 

Transactions are legally binding when there are documents involved. The buyer and seller would be under the terms and conditions of loan documents as they process the papers. The responsibility of a real estate attorney starts when both parties sign the contract. They help the people involved who are trying to make a deal legally. 

The main duty of a real estate lawyer includes representing their clients in real estate transaction proceedings such as buying a piece of property. They can also assist during the buying process by taking care of all the paper works. 

In addition to this, they can conduct researches and studies about the properties on which the buyer wants to invest. They also guide the buyers in making decisions such as selecting a particular house from a variety of options. 

 #2. Assists Clients In Carrying Out Real Estate Processes

Real estate planning is a legal process that determines how owners use the land they have. It involves analyzing and acquiring land, developing it, ensuring compliance with local requirements, incorporating commercial or residential land, and making the most out of the resulting business.

Real estate attorneys assist the buyer in making these processes appropriately and successfully. For example, they can guide the buyer in selecting the right contractor, accomplishing the research required, handling negotiations with agents, and most importantly, carrying out the paperwork involved.

 #3. Prepares Real Estate Documents

Real estate attorneys usually handle the closing negotiations between the buyer and the seller. The main tasks of this kind of lawyer include preparing and sending the purchase agreement, title insurance policy, mortgage documents, home inspection report, loan documents, and court authorization forms to the seller. In addition, they make sure the buyer obtains the required documents to pay the property taxes.  

#4. Protects Your Legal Rights In Your Property

When there’s a legal disagreement about properties between you and your business partners or clients, it can cause problems in every aspect of your business. Disputes may occur over issues like property ownership or property usage. Other issues also include divorce and familial disputes. 

It’d help if you have a reliable real estate attorney to resolve the matter with ease in these cases. Attorneys are the best person to help ensure all your legal rights are protected. They also act as the person who can safeguard your assets. 

#5. Ensures Legal Transfer of Property 

Finally, in the buying process, real estate attorneys ensure the laws on property transfer are followed. For instance, in some states, the seller must give a signature as evidence of the sale. Title transfer is another necessary procedure that must be conducted legally. 

This is where the real estate attorney would make sure the process is followed in every state. If not, the buyer might spend more money because the seller might try to avoid paying for the transfer of the property.


The importance of having a real estate attorney on your side can’t be overstated. As an investor, you need to understand some contracts and transactions are entirely black and white while there are also grey areas. This is where an attorney can come in handy.

Before you get a real estate lawyer, however, you have to ask yourself why you need it, what an attorney would do for you, and what the advantage is of having a legal professional on your side.