What’s Happening Inside The Market of Gamers

Shipments of gaming PCs and monitors set new records in 2020, growing 26.8% year-on-year to 55 million units. And the trend looks set to continue in the same direction, with shipments forecast to reach up to 72.9 million in 2025. 

Of the year’s 55 million gaming PC and monitor shipments, notebooks account for over 40% of the market, with 24 million units shipped, ahead of desktop PCs (16.7 million) and monitors (14.3 million), according to data from IDC.

These healthy figures are driven mainly by the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting lockdowns and restrictions. With more time being spent at home and less spent outside, many gamers took the opportunity to invest in new PCs or monitors for their gaming setups. 

According to IDC, the trend is likely to continue in the same direction, with shipments expected to grow by over 18% in 2021 to reach 65.1 million units worldwide. In 2025, shipments could reach 72.9 million. Note that the monitor market segment is expected to see the most robust growth, at an average of 10% per year in the next five years. 

The global gaming market was valued at USD 162.32 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a value of USD 295.63 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 10.5% over the forecast period (2021 – 2026). Game developers across emerging economies are continually striving to enhance gamer’s experience, launching, and rewriting codes for diverse console/platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC, incorporated into one product provided to the gamers through the cloud platform. The game sales is at all time high, players are always looking to grab their video game copies for the cheapest prices, most of them turn into Gamecamp website where you can find cheapest prices from various retailers.

  • The adoption of Gaming Platforms, such as E-sports, drives the market. eSports are witnessing substantial market demand in the current market scenario and are thus driving the overall gaming industry across the globe. Riot Games with League of Legends and DotA 2 are notable examples of influential actors in the eSports business. South Korea is considered to be the country of origin of eSports. Even though the United States overtook South Korea in terms of revenues in the eSports business, it still hosts one of the world’s biggest tournaments.
  • With the outbreak of COVID-19, home entertainment seems to be the only option for gamers in lockdown while cinemas and theaters continue their’ door closed policy to prevent the disease. The March 2020 survey shows that video gamers in the United States reported spending 45% more time playing video games amid the quarantine than in the previous week. Esports is another emerging industry that manages to make more than a billion dollars a year. Now, after the pandemic, it has gained further traction. Twitch’s first-time download after the epidemic in March has risen to 14% in the U.S.A and a staggering 41% in Italy.

The gaming market is growing with the increasing per capita income, growing interest, and the rising number of dual-income households, which augments the global market’s transformation. With the increasing usage of smartphones and consoles and cloud penetration, the market shows high potential growth in the future.