Flowers and Chocolate Delivery

Specializing in floral artistry since their establishment in 1876, Moyses Stevens are the go-to florist for luxury bouquets and plants. With over 5 retail stores in London and a new one opening in Mayfair in the upcoming months, it has never been easier to shop for exquisite flowers. In each store you’ll be met with friendly and helpful staff who are all well trained in floristry, able to offer you expert advice in what you’re looking for and able to recommend something you didn’t even know you wanted for flowers and chocolate delivery. Choose from their bespoke hand-tie bouquets or even create your own, the possibilities are endless and you’ll be sure to walk away with something magnificent. 

Online at Moyses Stevens you are also able to shop their stunning blooms, as well as pairing them with their collection of delectable chocolates from who Vogue USA calls ‘the Picasso of pastry’, Pierre Herme. The chocolate company was formed in 1998 by Pierre Herme who is heir to four generations of Alsatian bakers and pastry chefs. He moved to Paris at 14 to do his apprenticeship with Gaston Lenotre, going on to explore all the mysteries of the trade and working his way up through the ranks before going on to create Maison Pierre Herme Paris. He said that ‘the ambition was to create a luxury brand in the patisserie sector’ and that’s exactly what he did. The luxurious nature of his company is what makes his chocolate the perfect partner with Moyses Stevens. With 3 different options to choose from you are really spoilt for choice with this mouthwatering collection of sweet treats. The chocolate bonbons are like no other you’ve ever tried with these hand-crafted delights being made up of dark and milk chocolate whilst blended with pure cocoa butter. They go perfectly with any of the luxurious bouquets on offer but to really make an impression and to be known as the best gift giver, choose to pair them with a bouquet like Pink Delight. An absolutely stunning bouquet which is put together by one of the expert florists at Moyses and made up of pink roses, pink wax flower and fragrant eucalyptus. This gift will be truly irresistible to the recipient and is great for any occasion.

If you really want to go above and beyond for that special someone’s birthday or perhaps you want to splash out on Valentine’s Day, then you should combine the bonbons chocolat au macaron with the Classic Red Rose Bouquet. This assortment of chocolates will wow anyone’s taste buds as they feature the incredible flavors of passion fruit, pistachio praline and hazelnut praline, all blended with gorgeous dark and milk chocolate to really dazzle the person who’s lucky enough to try them. They make a fabulous gift and go marvelously well with the Classic Red Rose Bouquet that’s made up of all of the elements that symbolize passion and love such as red roses, spray roses, hypericum and eucalyptus. So, show someone you really love them and choose this excellent combination today. 

If you’re buying for someone who likes chocolate covered dried fruit and an assortment of nuts or even just looking for yourself, then you need to buy the chocolate mendiants. These deliciously scrumptious chocolates make for the perfect gift or for a spot of self-indulgence and are able to be added to your basket when you choose any one of the famously hand-tied Moyses Stevens bouquets. The Smoothie bouquet is an absolute dream and will light up any room with its vibrantly bright colors with pastel hues, it’s great for pairing with these finely made chocolates. The floral arrangement is made up of a variety of different colored hydrangeas, 2 different shades of elegant roses, 2 different shades of veronica and some seasonal greenery. It’s an excellent gift for anyone and is one that will surely be appreciated.

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