Flower Power

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” – Lord Buddha.

Life is a journey that is full of special moments; like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, festivals, the day we get our first job, etc.All such beautiful events of life are celebrated with flowers. We congratulate people with a bouquet of flowers on birthdays, decorations at weddings are floral, and sometimes, we even beautify our work spaces by placing flowers on our desks. Have you ever wondered why we use flowers to express ourselves at every occasion? Why flowers are used everywhere? Beyond their beauty, is there anything more to the flowers? This article will answer these questions for you. So, let’s dig in!

Flowers stimulate our minds. Looking at them or inhaling their fragrance creates positive emotions within us. Positive emotions make people better survivors. Positive people have healthy social relationships and a happy and productive life. Flowers contribute in removing stress, anxiety from our lives and enhanceour creativity. Even our life span increases sharply because of positivity.

Flowers help you sleep well

Apart from helping in lowering stress and anxiety, flowers can help sleep better. The most effective flower for this is lavender. After studying the effects of lavender’s fragrance, it has been proven that they actually calm your body down. This is because inhaling the scent of lavender lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, lavender fragrance makes it easier for a person to fall asleep.

It will be silly to think that lavender alone can cure diseases like insomnia, but it can surely catalyse the process of falling asleep.

Flowers as a natural medicine

Many scientific studies have confirmed that flowers play a crucial role in healing us. Studies have proven the rapeutics effects of the fragrance of flowers. The beauty of this therapy is that there are no side effects, which is more than we can say about our modern pills and medications. The remedies done by this method are cheaper than the costly medicines.

Doctors, at times, suggest their patientsa walk in a garden full of flowers! Even with all the ultramodern facilities available, they understand the importance of flowers in the healing of their patients. They found out that patients recover well if they see blooming, colourful flowers every day. It gives them hope and stirs something in their minds that help them fight their injuries or diseases better. A positive mental framework is formed in the minds of the patients.

Vibrant office spaces:

In this extremely competitive world, any job is extremely stressful, let alone the corporate jobs. The employers regularly think of ways of increasing the productivity of its employees. One of the simplest proven ways of the same is decorating the work space with some flowers.

Due to these flowers, there’s not only a positive impact on the employees’ productivity but their stress levels are also found to have dropped. They stay in better moods and inculcate a better risk taking ability. Their creativity is enhanced and they stay filled with positive energy.

Flowers improve learning ability

A 2008 study suggests that Students’ ability to excel in their studies increases tremendously when subjected to the presence of flowers. Their focus improves and a significant enhancement in their memory can be seen by continuous exposure to the flowers. As a result, the students will have higher chances of scoring well in their exams. If schools began decorating their space with flowers, even on a small level, the stress levels of students may drop and they can be more attentive in class lectures. With all the positivity in students’ lives, their relationship with their parents will also take a happy turn.

Build relationships

The Flowers significantly affect our moods and thereby our relationships. The women who receive flowers often are happier than those who don’t. The exchange of flowers develops an eternal bond of love and emotions between two individuals. Simple acts like such give outstanding results over a long time. The colour of the flowers you give also impacts the mood of the person at the receiving end.

Nurture a baby’s mind

Someone rightly said, “Flowers are word which even a baby may understand.”

Flowers affect the upbringing of a new-born baby. A child who has spent her/his childhood in the presence of flowers is more resilient and capable of achieving great things. The chances of their becoming successful are more. These children appreciate life and enjoy every moment of it.

Symbolize positivity:

A flower symbolizes many things. It is a form of language. Sometimes simply giving a bouquet of flowers can convey more things than we could say. The morning glory shows affection. The lotus signifies purity & enlightenment, the peony symbolizes happy life & marriage, red tulip shows love, yellow tulip is the happiness of our smile, and blue hyacinth reflects constancy of love.

Medicinal Benefits:

It will be interesting to learn some medicinal benefits of flowers like Begonia, Calendula, sunflower, etc. The begonia leaves mixed in hot water help in eliminating headaches and body toxins. Calendula is used to create ointments. It is very beneficial in curing skin burns, or cuts. Jasmine helps in removing anxiety and improves our sleep. Plum flowers improve our digestive system. They free the body from ulcers.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”– John Keats.

Flowers are beautiful but their powers are beyond our imaginations. Apart from the aforementioned uses, some flowers like honeysuckle, cornflower, sunflower, etc. are used to make food items that we use quite often. From buying a bunch of flowers for your beloved to smelling the fragrance of the first flower that grows in your own garden; from giving a colourful bouquet of flowers on childbirth to offering condolences with subtle flowers when someone passes away, flowers are an integral part of our lives.

Since times immemorial, flowers are said to symbolize different things in different cultures. Some believed flowers represents rebirth. The ancient Greek used to place flowers on the heads of deceased and their tombs to represent rebirth and a joyful afterlife. The article has described various uses and effects of flowers in our daily lives. This shows that they are so much more than just beautiful.

Author Bio –

Laxmi Lobo is a Singapore trained floral designer. She is now a retail florist in Mumbai and specialists in flower delivery in Mumbai. Her online bouquet delivery in Mumbai has won accolades from the press and has interviewed on TV for CNBC & ET NOW. Visit Spring Blossoms to know more about Flower Delivery In Mumbai.