Top 6 Flowers for wishing someone Happy Birthday

Sending happy birthday flowers says a lot without actually saying anything at all. That’s the beauty of sending flowers that make for a perfect gift for all occasions. Birthdays are special for everyone, and people love to be pampered and receive gifts on this day. 

So, why not send your loved ones a beautiful bouquet of happy birthday flowers and brighten up their day? Be it historically, culturally, or mythologically, flowers have always been significant as a gifting option for years, and even today, they continue to be the top choice for many. 

When sending happy birthday wishes with flowers to someone you love, the physical distance doesn’t matter. No matter how far they are, you can always choose to send them flowers online and make their day extra special. And let Beato do it for you. Their express delivery and carefully curated bouquets will ensure that they bring a smile to the recipient’s face. 

While all these beautiful blooms make for a good choice for all occasions, certain flowers are simply perfect for birthdays. Here’s a list of top flowers you can send to wish someone happy birthday:


No matter whatever the occasion is, roses never fail to impress your emotions most stylishly. While red roses are universally known to express love and romance, yellow roses symbolize friendship and camaraderie, making them a perfect gift for birthdays. Even pink roses that symbolize appreciation, happiness, and admiration make for an apt birthday gift. 


Lilies are beautiful blooms that can bring a smile to anyone’s face with their ethereal beauty and soothing colours. For their visual appeal, they make perfect happy birthday flowers for your loved ones. Be it as a bunch of carefully hand-picked bouquets; lilies are simply superb for this occasion. 


Exotic and stunning, these rare blooms add more positivity and excitement to a person’s life. Symbolizing love, strength, and beauty, they are picture-perfect flowers to wish happy birthdays to someone special in life. Available in various colours, orchids can be gifted as a beautiful bunch of assorted flowers or a single-coloured bouquet. 


Gerberas are colourful and bright, and they are apt to gift to people of all ages and gender. Their beauty will bring a smile to anyone’s face and can make someone’s birthday even more special. Representing happiness and cheerfulness, gerberas are known for their natural beauty and visual appeal. 


So, if you are gifting someone happy birthday flowers, you can still add a dash of romance to it. Choose tulips to give your crush or a special person in your life and wish them well on their birthday with flamboyance. Add an extra punch of romance by sending a handwritten note with the bouquet and see how it works like magic. 


Want to send a happy birthday wish with flowers? These flowers are beautiful and look like a combination of sunflowers and daisies. Choose disbuds to make them happy on their special day. Symbolizing happiness and cheerfulness, nothing fits better than a stylishly curated bouquet of disbuds on someone’s birthday. 

Choose a flower according to the birth month and wish your loved one’s happy birthday in style.

January: Called the flower of love, Carnations represent vitality, love, and affection

February: Iris and violets represent faithfulness and spiritual wisdom, making them ideal for February births

March: These springtime flowers are known to symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, and resilience. Gifting them to March births is just ideal.

April: Daisy and Sweet Peas are great for this month as they also symbolize new beginnings

May: Representing purity, love, and good luck, lilies of the valley can add more joy to this special occasion

June: One of the most popular flowers, roses, are for June births. Their eternal beauty speaks volumes about their significance.

July: Waterlily holds a sacred meaning in many cultures and thus makes them a lovely birthday gift

August: Poppy and gladiolus are the August flowers as they symbolize remembrance, strength, and integrity

September: Morning glory and asters is what this month is all about. They symbolize affection, faith, and love.

October: Marigolds are the flowers for this month. They represent positive emotions, order, and harmony.

November: Chrysanthemums are known for their lovely blooms that symbolize loyalty, longevity, and joy

December: Holly and Poinsettia symbolize purity of love, affection, and all things positive making them perfect for births in December 

Flowers are nature’s gift to humanity. Their lovely colours, cheerful presence, and fresh and soothing fragrance can add so much to someone’s life. Their natural beauty never fails to bring a smile to a recipient’s face, and their delicate nature expresses all emotions with perfection. 

If you wish to send someone happy birthday flowers, choose from any of the ones mentioned above to make their day extra special. If you cannot give them the flowers personally, choose to send them online with Beato that makes sure that your emotions are conveyed aptly. 

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