Chocolate Theme Park opened in China

Most people worldwide love chocolate, including me, and looking at those huge and mesmerizing chocolate wonderlands in movies always incited a desire for a chocolate kingdom or wonderland in real life. Well, that dream has been fulfilled, and we finally have a chocolate kingdom in real life too.

Today, we’re going to talk about this chocolate kingdom situated in Aoyuan Yingde, a city in China. You’ll get to know more about it in the following paragraphs.

Along with this, you’ll get to know about the amusement rides available in this chocolate kingdom; for your entertainment, and if by chance you occur to be an amusement park owner, then we’ve mentioned an incredible amusement rides manufacturer too in the article. So, without further due, let’s get straight to that.

The chocolate kingdom of Aoyuan Yingde:

In southern China, the city of Aoyuan Yingde: which has over 1 million inhabitants, has been introduced with a chocolate theme park: Chocolate Kingdom of Aoyuan Yingde.

Chocolate Kingdom of Aoyuan Kingdom serves as a one-stop cultural tourist destination that offers vast scenic beauty in southern China. This theme park stimulates food production: which further leads to increased sales of cultural food via a themed entertainment provided by this chocolate kingdom.

The park offers 27 tourist attractions for all ages across it as it spreads over an area of 18 hectares. Truly a large entertaining, and fascinating spot for both international and domestic tourists.

Does Chocolate Kingdom of Aoyuan Yingde have any amusement rides?

Aoyuan Yingde Chocolate Kingdom has specially designed amusement rides for family outings with children. Some great examples of these are the powerless zone, chocolate factory, double slide Ferris Wheel, Dream Carousel, and double row Frog Jumping.  

Moreover, the Tea and Chocolate Town in this place is an absolute spot; for spending fun and quality time with your family. The town spreads over an area of 33,000 meters square. The culture of Lingnan inspires the design in the millennium. It becomes more intriguing with the incorporation of the British Architectural style.

It has a black tea museum, a western-style auditorium, and lots of amusement rides and activities. Apart from this, the Tea and Chocolate Town has many interesting DIY projects for parents and children to enjoy and learn together.

What is Jinbo?

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Amusement rides are one of the most entertaining and fun things, and if you get this kind of adventure and entertainment in a chocolate-themed Park then, it gets 10 times better and enjoyable.

In this article, you’ll be introduced to a chocolate theme park in China that opened recently, and you’ll get to know about a reliable amusement rides manufacturer in China that manufactures professional quality amusement rides and equipment. If this article was informative or helpful then, don’t forget to leave back your feedback below.