Best Tips to Keep Your Newly Delivered Flowers Fresh

Flowers are some of the prettiest things in life, but they don’t last. Not only the Beast worries about the falling petals of his rose. Almost everyone worries about wilting flowers. They get delivered being fragrant and looking pretty, but when you display them for some time … they turn dark and then die!

Nobody’s immortal, but your dear flowers can be helped to last a little longer than they usually do. Believe it or not, but the things you need to keep them alive are already in your house.

Here are the items and tricks you will need to increase the longevity of your pretty flowers.

Soda and Hairspray

Soda and hairspray are things that almost every house with a lady has. Did you know that these everyday items are some of the secrets to keeping your flowers fresh? Pour a quarter of soda into the water in the vase. The sugar in soda makes flowers last longer. If you want to keep your water clear, pour a clear soda.

Hairspray is helpful in keeping human hair in place, and it is also helpful in keeping the beauty of flowers. Hairspray helps flowers look fresh for a longer time. Stand one foot away from your flowers and spray the undersides of their leaves and petals quickly.

Together, these ordinary household items can help your flowers last longer.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Vodka

There are several things you can do to make your flowers last longer. Remove the flowers and water from your vase. Put new water in your vase. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar into the water, then mix. Put the flowers back into the vase. This concoction improves the longevity of best exotic flowers. Make sure to renew the concoction every few days by repeating this step.

An alternative concoction doesn’t necessarily require you to remove the flowers and replace the water in the vase. You just need to add a few drops of vodka into the clean water in the vase and add one tablespoon of sugar. One of the reasons why flowers wilt is bacteria and vodka kills bacteria. These tricks will make your flowers last longer.

Aspirin and Bleach

Here are more things you can do with typical household items for your flowers. Remove the flowers and water from your vase. Add new water to your vase. Crush an aspirin and put it into the water, then put back your flowers. Using aspirin is one of the well-known ways to keep your flowers fresh. You can also use bleach. There are two ways to use bleach in preserving your flowers.

One is to add one tablespoon of bleach for every one litre of water in your vase. The second option is to add three drops of bleach and one tablespoon of sugar for every one litre of water in your vase. The latter option will keep the water in your vase looking clear and also prevent the growth of bacteria. Who knew such common items could preserve your beloved flowers?

A Penny and Sugar

A Chinese proverb once said, “If you have, but two pennies left, buy a flower with one and a loaf of bread with the other.” If you happen to get bigger money, spend it on food and save your last penny. You will need it to preserve your flower. Add a copper penny and a cube of sugar into the water of your vase.

Just like vodka, the copper in the penny will prevent the growth of bacteria. The penny will help your flower live some more days. Sugar is the most helpful thing for a vase of flowers. When three tablespoons of sugar are dissolved with two tablespoons of white vinegar per one liter of warm water that covers three inches of the stems of the flowers, your flowers will stick around for a longer time.


Flowers are beautiful, but they are evanescent. Soon, they will be as black as ashes and ineffably ugly. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep them around a little longer. Plus, these ways require the use of items you already own. Use these items to keep your flowers looking beautiful for a longer time.