When purchasing a ring, you must pay attention to a few things besides considering the style, design, and cost. The choice of metal is crucial because it influences the price. If you are restricting your choice to the traditional jewelry metals, then there is nothing to beat gold. Gold comes with various purity, and there is always a gold ring for every budget. However, if you are unable to afford gold rings or would like to experiment with something bold and new that upholds male fashion but is easy on your wallet, then going for tungsten rings that you can find at TungstenRings.com is your best bet.

Tungsten rings are fashionable, affordable, and durable, and users cannot ignore its strong appeal. But when buying tungsten rings, you must take special care to ensure that you choose the right size of the ring so that there would be no need to resize it. This is important because although resizing rings is quite common, you cannot take chances with tungsten rings because although it is the hardest metal, it is prone to breaking, chipping, and cracking. Trying to resize tungsten rungs will damage the ring.

Therefore, knowing how to determine the right size of the ring that will fit perfectly on your finger and have some allowance for future adjustments will ensure that that you can keep wearing the ring for many years.

Measure your finger a few times

Go back to school-level arithmetic to work out the average size of the finger instead of considering any single measurement as correct. Moreover, the finger size can change during the day depending on the temperature, the time of the day, exercise, and other factors. You must select a size that can adjust to the intra-day changes and assure a comfortable fit, neither too tight nor too loose.  Ideally, you must measure the finger at different times of the day so that it can take care of the fluctuations in finger size throughout the day.

Wider ring means bigger size

If you choose a wide design for the ring, it will sit tight on your finger, or at least you will feel like it. To be careful in selecting the right size, you should use a sizer ring of the same or nearly the same width as that of the ring that you plan to buy. The idea is to simulate the fit to understand how comfortable it would be and then get the right measurement.

That loose feeling of courted bands

Comfort ring designs, also known as flat court bands or court bands, have a gentle curve on the inside, and it helps in smoothly sliding the ring over the knuckle than the D-shape profile, which is traditional and flat on the inside. It means that you must choose a ring size slightly smaller if you are going for a courted band.

Be careful to measure the finger size of the hand on which you will be wearing the ring because the size of the right-hand finger will be different from the size of the left-hand finger.