designer lehenga choli

It is difficult to choose the perfect party wear dress, though there may be options galore, zeroing on the one which would suit your body type the most, is a tricky decision to make. That is why among the wide number of ethnic options you have, the designer lehengas are the ones which can totally transform you into a glamorous diva.

If you find the full-skirted attire teamed with a gorgeous choli to be an ethereal combination, trust us, you are not alone. There are a huge number of women who find the form-flattering silhouette utterly charming. So if you have a party coming up, here is why you must make the designer lehenga choli, to be the outfit of choice.

Party Wear Lehenga Online Shopping

The first thing that strikes us about the party wear lehenga designs, is its innate Indianness. It is elegant and can be a total scene-stealer with its lovely designs and intricate work. For this kind of ensemble glamorous can be such an understatement.

Its versatility is what is so enticing about the latest designer lehenga, yes the shape of the outfit can cater to your eclectic taste remarkably well. So if you want a fitted slinky look, you can opt for a mermaid shaped lehenga choli, if you want to get that princessy feel go for a full-skirted elegant one. This is the one dress that can take you from a sangeet to a wedding with unmissable chutzpah. So loosen your purse strings and Get designer lehengas online at Lashkaraa.

Designer Party Wear Lehenga – The Choice of Most Fashionistas

Designer party wears lehenga is not only a hot favorite with the fashionable glitterati but with most women out there who like to charter the glam route to high fashion. Today the party wear lehenga has undergone a major transformation, so now the choli has evolved much to resemble a crop top.

Off shoulder, cold shoulder or Bardot style top with statement sleeves. So many different styles to choose from, you will be definitely spoilt for choice.

The lehengas are adorned with a myriad of designs and patterns, the paneled lehenga is one such choice along with fishtail lehenga, sharara lehenga, jacket lehenga, trail lehenga, double flared lehenga and the list goes on.

The beckoning wedding season always lands us in a style dilemma, what to wear and which garment would make us look absolutely stunning! You might be looking through plush magazines to look for the perfect bridal lehenga designs but one thing is for sure when it comes to the perfect outfit for a wedding or a Sangeet, look no further than the hard-working designer bridal lehenga!

Beautifully traditional and yet wonderfully modern, nowadays the bridal lehenga collection will make you ditch any other outfit for this chic, elegant, wardrobe must-have! You think that this is one epithet too many? Do not worry we are going to tell you why the Indian bridal lehenga is a perennial favorite.

The Top Bridal Lehenga Designs

What has made this bridal wedding lehenga stand out amongst a host of other ethnic outfits, it is its adaptive features. Yes, you can wear it as you like, make it traditional and classy and also modern and chic as per the requirements of the occasion. Check out the wonderful bridal lehenga choli designs that are doing the rounds and don’t forget to marvel at its sheer beauty.

1. The stylish choli-

The choli has gone over numerous style transformations over the years, and yet it never lost its relevance. It is now all the more appealing in its present avatar. The choli is sometimes off the shoulder to give an elegant company to your lehenga, sometimes it has tasseled hems taking an all-new boho-chic avatar.

Also,  the cape blouse with the lehenga is stuff where fashion dreams are made of. Stunningly classy and drop dead gorgeous this is what is giving the other ethnic garments stiff competition!

The backless choli with a back-caressing Dori is still in vogue! The fashionistas of today cannot have enough of the reincarnated choli!

2. The ubiquitous lehenga-

The lehenga has also gone through many style avatars, right from its full-skirted version to its mermaid fitted style, the lehenga accentuates your body type like no other garment.

3. The fabric saga-

The fabric of the new bridal lehenga, is what gives the garment the right fluidity and fall. Whether it is georgette or it is silk, the right fabric can elevate the garment to the pinnacle of fashion heights.

4. Prints and some more prints-

The print fascination has caught on how! Right from geometric prints to pretty floral, the prints add a different flair to your garment.

Indulge in Some Party wear Lehenga Choli Online Shopping

If you are really wondering what to choose and what not to choose among such beautiful designs, you certainly need to keep your body type in mind to zero on the right garment.

A straight cut lehenga choli usually is the go-to choice for most fashionistas, considering they can suit any body type.

The paneled lehenga cholis are a fashion lover’s delight, as they can hide a multitude of sins and yet make you look ethereal.

The saree lehenga is another favorite with most glitterati, they resemble a saree yet in the style they look like a lehenga, as they say, they are the best of both worlds. In fact, if you aren’t too comfortable with wearing sarees the lehenga sarees may be the perfect solution.

Play with fabrics such as velvet, silk, net and so on. They can make you look stunning if you wear the right choli. The choli has undergone huge transformations so that now they are a comfortable blend of modern quirk with traditional elegance. The off shoulder and the cold-shoulder cholis are especially what every fashionista is looking for. Add to that the right color and you set to weave a magic of your own.

Choose the one, which suits you best, flatters your body type and accentuates your waistline. The right garment can take you to places! So if you are looking for the right outfit for your best friend’s wedding or you are putting together a trousseau for your own wedding, a nicely fitted beautiful Indian wedding lehenga is just the thing you need to get you sorted.