Fitness Tracker

Fitness and well-being are really important for living a healthy and fulfilling life. With the introduction of technology in the healthcare sector, it has become more convenient to track your health and fitness and take care of it.

One of the results is the population of devices like fitness trackers, and if you want to step up the game, you can count in the smartwatches too, but that’s not the point. The point is that the accessibility of such devices has truly facilitated the fitness and good health of people worldwide.

Today in the article, we’re going to talk about fitness trackers and their benefits. Moreover, you’ll be also introduced to the best fitness tracker in 2021 so what are you waiting for? Let’s start with the article!

Why do you need a fitness tracker?

There are various reasons why you need a fitness tracker, and you’ll get to know about the most prominent ones as you keep reading ahead. Firstly, only the idea of having a fitness tracker on your wrist psychologically stimulates the need for healthy activities and makes you more active in healthy practices.

Many reasons affect sports motivation, including certain features found in the fitness tracker, such as the daily reminders, number of steps you walked in a day, or the distance covered by you during a run which boosts your motivation.

The little appreciative messages at the end of achieving your fitness target for the day boost your ego and consequently push you toward a healthy routine.

Moreover, the fitness tracker enables you to keep track of your overall health, for example, your heartbeat rate and total calories burnt daily. Apart from this, a fitness tracker is a helpful device in evaluating your weight loss and other fitness goals that ultimately make your workouts and fitness routine more effective and efficient.

Where to start?

You can start using this device while you are doing sport. Fitness trackers have lots of uses, for example, during a run or workout in the gym or just wearing it on your wrist to keep track on your daily distance covered or heart health.

You also can use a fitness tracker to monitor your sleep situation. During sleep, it can measure your sleep quality and set up a sleep management plan to improve sleep quality.

Furthermore, ideally, the fitness trackers should be worn on your wrist so that the tracker can capture relevant readings like heartbeat rate precisely.

Smart watch vs Fitness tracker: which is better?

There’s always a trade-off between some features among both the devices and fairly differentiation between the two. You’ve first to understand the purpose you’ll be purchasing these devices. Fitness Trackers are a great option for everyday tracking of your calories, sleep, heart rate, etc.

Plus, they are suitable for fitness-related goals and progress monitoring. However, smartwatches are more than that. These devices have added features like receiving calls, availability of different apps, cameras, and much more. These are like mini smartphones on your wrists. Hence, if you’re looking for more than a fitness tracker then, smartwatches win.  Also, these devices come in different price ranges, and fitness trackers tend to be affordable ones against smartwatches.

As for the design is concerned, it can be clearly identified that fitness trackers are more appealing in that aspect as they have a sleek and compact design that doesn’t feel bulky on your hand.

Best fitness tracker in 2021:

Well, the best tracker in 2021 by far is the Transtek Activity Tracker (Alice). This tracker is manufactured by Transtek, which boasts its high-quality in the healthcare device market.

The Transtek Activity Tracker (Alice) is their latest fitness tracker with several features like SpO2, sleep management, multiple sport modes. Plus, the design is also amazing as it has a sleek touch that always keeps you in style.


Fitness trackers are incredible devices to evaluate and measure your overall health, but smartwatches do give them tough competition and we’ve talked about which one is better in this article. Along with that, you’ll get to know about the best fitness tracker in 2021 too.