Best Tips for Shopping on a Budget and Yet Look Fashionable

Shopping is a hobby for some, and an addiction for the rest. In a day and age, where fashion is a huge part of your attitude it sure would help to have some pointers on how you could shop smart and look great without blowing a huge dent into your wallet.

Decide on Your Style

The first thing you would need to do is to develop a fashion identity based on your tastes. Most people shop while keeping an eye out for the cheapest thing they can wear, or the first thing they can find. This leads to a confused and messy wardrobe, one you aren’t satisfied with at all. So, the first thing you must do is throw your inhibitions out of the window, and imagine what you’d like to buy if you had a substantial budget. This gives you an idea of how you’d like to see yourself. Build on that for something more budget appropriate!


It’s funny that most people end up hoarding on clothes and accessories they don’t even like, wear or use because they don’t want to throw them away, or are just too tired to sort them out. You absolutely must face your closet and have a good, hard look at what you have and what you need. See if you only have clothes of a particular color or type, if your wardrobe is too casual or too formal, if you lack trendy or beautiful things to wear on a date, and so on.

Move on to accessories; see if you have enough and you like what you do, if the shoes you have go with the clothes you saw earlier and so on. It takes an afternoon to sort the whole thing out, but it is totally worth it, because, by the end, you will have not only have a good idea of your wardrobe but also a pile of things to throw out or give away, making way for new inclusions.

The Classics

It makes much more sense to have a small closet with tons of quality clothes which you like and wear with a healthy dose of mixing and matching, than a heap of ill-fitting, drab items. Get rid of the trends and go back to the basics! Rather than going for funky chokers and statement earrings which are the in thing for the year, break down the choices to timeless, stately classics like minimalist jewelry and beautiful black dresses.

The same applies for guys, who should have at least a few sets of well-tailored pants and non-wrinkle shirts. Of course, fashion sensibilities vary from person to person, so if you’re most comfortable in jeans, go ahead and buy them! It’s important to have clothes which fit well and go well with each other and last long. Jeans and boots go with everything, and practically last forever unless you outgrow them! Think of coordination. If budgeting and cohesion are your concerns, scale down and go buy clothes which gel well with the ones already in your wardrobe. 10 t-shirts with 5 pants and 2 jackets end up giving you a hundred outfit choices at any given time!

Budget Buying

Set spending goals and abide by them. Take out the exact amount you have allocated for fashion buys and no more. Cut down on excess subscriptions and the like if you want to free up more funds. There’s a lot of splurging which can be cut down without really compromising on quality. For example, you don’t really need to go for expensive diamond rings when beautiful tungsten wedding bands are available at a fraction of the price.

Online deals are great. You can shop online for accessories and jewelries which don’t have any hassles involved with them like scarves, purses, watches, rings, and belts. Always keep an eye out for sales, and check the clearance rack for some great stuff at decent prices. Head out with the list in your hands and enough cash to buy what you want. Also, you’d be surprised by some of the great stuff you can find at thrift stores!


Compulsive shoppers should always go out with one of their saner friends who can keep them in check and also cut them off if needed. Carry only cash; credit cards tend to tempt you into buying things you can’t afford. It’s hard at first, but once you become a seasoned shopper, you’ll be surprised to see how many amazing things you can buy even while staying within your budget.

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