How To Resolve Google Anti-Popup Policy On Your Website

After Google’s official statement about its anti popup policy, I’m sure that as a site owner you are concerned about numerous questions. Does it mean the and of using popups for mobile devices? How will it affect your efforts in order to promote your list building? Will you lose the SEO traffic of your site?  Can you find ways to avoid your site’s rank reducing? And many many other questions. The Google’s goal is the user’s experience improvement, and based on my own experience I assure you that there are various ways for you to refrain from Google’s fine.

A Polite/Non Intrusive Popups

First of all, you need to know that there exist that kind of popups that Google is not ready to punish. As we understand from the Google’s declaration, it shows a huge difference between intrusive or non-polite and non-intrusive or polite popups. And I’m sure that you know that it is essential to distinguish this two types of popups. We spend our time, money and exertions in order to have higher search results in Google search engine and ensure our sites with more traffic. So we need to protect our sites from Google’s fine in every way. I am going to help you in this matter.

For the first step come to see the difference between polite popups and non-polite ones and try to understand the meaning of intrusive and non-intrusive.

A Non Polite/Intrusive Popups

These are the popups, which become the reason of nonaccessibility of your page content.  Surely when visiting various sites you have met this kind of popups, which occupy the principal content and some of them do not have that small X button to close. So people get nervous, and they close your page. But the worst part is that they will not want to come back again.

For example, just this morning when reading an interesting article on one site, after 2 minutes on the page appeared a popup and covered almost the whole screen. And the popup was so intrusive, that the button for a close was not visible. So I had to close the site, and I will never try to visit it again. As a result, they lost one visitor.

A Polite/Non Intrusive Popups

These are the popups, that unlike the intrusive ones, do not prevent the access to the principal content, do not annoy the page guests, and are easily withdrawn.

Let me present some examples to form a better idea:

  • As an example can be the popups which visited for an essential reason, such as for age restriction, for asking the visitors age.
  • Or the popups which aim is to show the sites active policy
  • Popup used for other occasions, such as for showing various offers, marketing tools, for subscription and so on, and cover-up only a small portion of the screen.

-What Plugin Do You Use?

All this Google do in order to make your popups user-friendly. But if your popups do not correspond to the mentioned points, no panic, cause I’ve prepared some proposals for you! First of all only the right chosen plugin can help you to make your popups user-friendly, giving you all the chances to reach your goal.

I am a Popup Builder user. What does it mean? It means that as a user of this plugin, you will not have anything to worry about like me. Over time the plugin has only proved that being polite is essential for them. Now let me show you all the benefits and ideas that this plugin gives you in order to create polite pop-ups for your page.

So take a look at this steps in order to make a change.

  • You can form small-scale popups, or just do not show them on mobile screens. But creating popups with this plugin, you can confidently use them on mobiles as well. The plugin gives you all the options to make the popups user-friendly also on small screen. You will just need to give your popups smaller sizes and it will not prevent the user’s access to your page’s content.
  • Choose the appropriate collocation for your popup’s visit. As for me, I make them appear in the bottom-left corner and they cover only 25% of the screen as well.
  • Use your popups in a reasonable manner. Remember that Google pays great attention to it. So when creating various popups, think in what purpose it should appear, for age verification, for subscription, to show the site’s active policy, or they can sign up bars, messaging boxes and so on. So you can make a choice among a huge number of popup types that offers the plugin.
  • Focus your attention on the most important place, on your page guests. Try to absolutely understand what they want, and their purpose when visiting your site as well.

What plugin do you use?

 Based on the fact that Google differs polite and impolite popups, we understand that using popup is not a problem for Google in general. With popups, our page content acquires pertinent value. They are considered to be beneficial marketing instruments. So the Google’s announcement does not say that you are forbidden to use any kind of pop up, and moreover all this rather pertains to the mobiles. So along with its statement, Google gives us some applicable examples of Popups.

  • Create UNO bars, which will give you a chance to blow your guests’ attention on your marketing message in a more polite way. The Popup Builder will give you the features to create such a friendly popup. (screenshot)
  • Let your popups appear on the second page when they scroll the site. In no case let your popups instantly appear along with the page guests visit. This is because Google doesn’t look for popups that visit only when the primary page is already viewed. This is also not difficult, you just need to make some changes in Advanced Options of when creating your popup.

As it is seen in my screenshot above, you also have a chance to make your popup visit while scrolling or after. Just from here com to pass to the next point.

  • Create popups that depend on your page guests actions. So let me mention two important ways of popup using: based on scrolling (popups that appear when scrolling the page) and popups with a hyperlink (popups which visit when a visitor clicks on the corresponding link). For this Popup Builder has HTML Popup, with which you can show your popups more politely.
  • Do not forget about Exit popups, which can be a good solution. These popups visit only when you page guest is readying to leave the site. So this a safe way in order to bypass Google’s fine.

So despite everything, we, site owners, need to carry about our site’s Rank and our profit as well, without forgetting the quality. So do not lose time and make some changes in the process of forming popups.

Author Bio

My name is Sona. I like to create unique decorations and design evening dresses as well. For creating my own eCommerce site and displaying my designed models, I use WordPress with its wonderful plugins. Though I am not an expert in creating websites or a computer geek, I always use the plugins of WordPress without any difficulties, as they are pretty simple to use. So, if you have any suggestion or advice feel free to contact me on LinkedIn