best friend

These cute best friend quotes can use for friends having fun along, friends parting from each other, friends sharing secrets and much more. I think real friends usually do that!. Friends are treasures which are precious enough to be preserved, and the only way to do so is an appreciation of unconditional love they shower on you. The cute best friend quotes are exclusively for the people who can say that – “My friend needs no details of where to go when to go, she is always waiting outside the door.”

If your friend is sick and needs your help, do it as soon as possible but do not forget to take a selfie so as you can remind him for spending time in taking care of him. You will find the collections of cute best friend quotes that show the appearance of many feelings which we cannot communicate in words. They relate to every emotion you share with your friend and the role they play in your lives.

Cute best friend quotes show the best friend is the storehouse of your power.

  • My best friend never let me know I had no siblings.
  • Friends don’t reduce tensions of life; they just don’t let you feel them.
  • My best friend and I are flowers of different colors, yet we blossom the garden of life.
  • My best friend is best because she understood me best than others.

Funny best friend quotes are a tribute to the best relationship we all have or want to have in our lives.

  • My best friend is my wings that help me to fly high independently.
  • My best friend and I share everything right from chocolate to dark secrets.
  • Chocolates make me relax, but my friend is the one who elevates my mood and life.
  • My best friend happens to be the person who is calm as the ocean, independent like birds, understanding like mother and essential for me like air.

Short best friend quotes added along pictures, and images impressions can do the wonders.

  • It is my best friend who makes me complete 100 steps when I want to quit on 99.
  • The beauty of my life is my best friend.
  • I lived, cherished my childhood, enjoyed my youth, and I value my old age because of one person my best friend.
  • Friends are Alike, and Friends freak together.

Best friend quotes for girls to show your friend the difference she has made in your life.

  • I always wondered how people enjoy moments unless I discovered the secret to it was one good friend as now I have My best friend making every day full of fun and frolic.
  • My best friend may miss out in my happy hours, but she is always there when the moment of sadness struck me giving me courage and fighting hard times for me and with me.
  • My best friend and I sit along, hold hands and wait for a tough time to pass.
  • If you want to find a reason for my smiles it is my best friend

Best friend quotes to fill the air around with friendship.

  • When nothing works, stupid ideas of my best friend do work. They do fetch a smile and sometimes the solution to the problem as well.
  • The destination is never a question for me and my best friend. What matters to us is we will be together.
  • Simple moments of life become a precious one, it is the magic of the company of my best friend.
  • I forget all my worries when my best friend and I walk hand in hand tapping the feet and humming the music.


The best friend quotes that will revive your friendship and refresh your relation. These best friend quotes for girls relate to all the times when your friend stood by you and made you feel that you are blessed to have her. Friendship is a relation which demands priceless gifts of love, care, and feelings. Each caption personifies the gift of love and appreciation.

These short best friend quotes will help you to convey to your friend the deep emotions you have for her in the simplest way. They cover different phases of life you lived with your friend right from your childhood to the walks of old age. My best friend and I have uncountable memories, and one special amongst all is the long walks along the woods holding hands and planning life when we were young and discussing life now when we are old.