Video Editing Software Programs

During the origin and development of visual version of technology, video editing was limited within the sphere of cinematography. Now, it escalated to the status of VFX and virtual reality, 3D animation and so on. On the other side, digital revolution helped people to be in touch with the innovative aspects of the combination of information technology related media and video editing technology.

So, one can see that less technical know how is needed to gain mastery of video editing because, there are so many related software to choose from to gain mastery over editing.

Find best 10 among the aforementioned software programs are pointed out and briefed below.

#1. Movie Maker

Earlier, when one buy’s a PC or Laptop with Windows as a preinstalled OS, the Video Editing Software named as Movie Maker was added with it in pre-installed form. This helped thousands of PC/Laptop users to be in touch with video editing technique.

Besides, studio owners and video editors widely used this software to have deeper knowledge in video editing technique in general. But now, this software is not added as a pre-installed one, still it can be easily downloaded and installed in PCs and Laptops. The basic utility of this software is to edit the recorded video clips and transform the same into high quality short videos.

As the primary or crude version of video editing software widely used and popular, it is important to mention this video editing software. Still, the latest versions of this software is with a lot of innovation similar to the popular video editing software.

#2. VSDC Free Video Editor

Most video editors prefer video editing software with unique characteristics because it is essential to link creativity with technology so as a sustain domination in the field of expertise. This video editing software supports a number of file formats ranging from MP4.

As the software is equipped with screen recording option, it is most helpful for video editors to create and edit videos with ease. But there are also some drawbacks. For instance, experts in the field of video editing consider this software as user friendly, but newbies face certain difficulties to deal with it. If you are ready to pay for this software, it is show less lagging.

Apart from this fact, this software is to be considered as the next advanced level of video editing in general.

#3. Windows Movie Maker

If one is familiar with Windows 7 OS, this video editing tool/software will be familiar. To be specific, this software was pre-installed in Windows as a free software to edit videos according to one’s taste and aptitude.

Those who are in search of the advanced levels of video editing might not consider this software as interesting. Still, the software is a full package to edit videos by adding title, parallel sound track/music, etc. Within this scenario, less or no compatibility with other advanced versions of Windows OS is a problem to make use of the full potential of this video editing tool/software. If interested to learn the basics of editing with less effort and external support, this software is utmost useful.

So, the best way to have this software is to find out a laptop or desktop with Windows 7 as OS and start learning the basics of editing in it because the aforementioned software will be there in pre-installed mode.

#4. Kdenlive

This video editing software is with a lot of peculiarities including compatibility with different OSs. To be specific, some software is compatible to Windows only because of business tie up with Microsoft.

Besides, some other software is compatible with Linux, and acts as an open-source software. User-friendliness is another peculiarity of this software which is helpful newbies who are in search of an entry level software. At the same time, expert video editors consider this software as one among the best of video editing software.

This software supports almost all the available input formats ranging from AVI. Besides, the output formats in different forms including MPEG is useful for those are deeply interested in the different levels of advanced video editing.

Add-ons, which are free with this software increases its usability within video editing. But lack of technical support is a serious problem faced by those who use is software.

#5. Hitfilm Express 9

Some people consider recording videos and editing the same as a hobby or passion. Some others consider video editing as a profession. An apt software related to video editing must be able to satisfyboth the casual user and the person who considers it as a profession.

Within this scenario, Hitfilm Express 9 is one among the best because its updated versions are filled with so many innovative user-friendly functions. For instance, this software is most helpful to transform videos into the next level of editing, including motion blur technique, a number of review options so as to help the editor to foresee the quality of the end product. Besides, this software supports and is compatible with 4K video.

One can see that 3D effect the latest addition within the scenario of video editing, and this software is equipped to provide edited videos with 3D effects.

#6. iMovie

Those who usemacOS can avail this software with no cost. There are several editing options within this software, added with some advanced features like adding photos to the video. Besides, the user can add narration to the recorded item.

This software is most helpful within higher levels of editing because it supports movies with 4K resolution. A person who is interested in recording videos and transforming the same into short films can make use of this software for editing purposes. To be specific, videos recorded with the help of any iPhone gadget can be connected to Mac laptop or PC, and the edition work can be completed in it. The user interface of this software is so user-friendly so that even newbies can handle the same with ease.

Some of the drawbacks include limited features and less user-friendly output.

#7. Blender

Most video editors like open source software so that make changes within the process of editing. If they are with enough technical knowhow is software development and programming, they can add more features on their own.

Within this scenario, the above mentioned software with open source code, so that video editors can make relevant changes. Besides, the 3D amination capability of this software is an added advantage to the users who are interested in the same. When it comes to basic actions within video editing like cut and splicing, this software is manageable. Besides, one can perform more technical tasks like masking and other similar tasks with the help of this software.

So, advanced users can rely upon this software to perform comparatively hard tasks with ease. Some important features of this software include: Chroma Vector scope and Waveform Visualization.

#8. Shotcut

This video editing software is marketed as a software with open source code. To be specific, this openness is most helpful for video editors so that they can have instant access into the mains features. On the other side, software with no open source provide paid service to the users by making them pay for upgraded versions and additional features. Still, paid service is not bad because business cannot survive without revenue from a product.

Tutorial videos to help less experienced editors and compatibility with a number of video formats are added advantages of this software. In real sense, this software is totally compatible with Linux, and its quality in helping editors to complete their task is unique.

One can see that it is unimaginable to think that free software can provide 4K resolution, but this software is far ahead of other similar software because HD resolution is embedded in it and it is for free to use.

#9. Openshot

User friendliness, unique features and multi-tasking are generally considered as the benchmark features of a software within the context of video editing. For instance, usual tasks like dragging and dropping different elements within editing must be that much easier for an editor.

Besides, audio mixing is utmost important while producing video albums and short films. As one among the simplest interfaces, this software is packed with innovative and advanced feature.

For instance, you can make use of simple and advanced editing features and techniques like trimming and clip resizing and advanced features like instant previews while dealing with editing work.

#10. Media 100 Suite

This video editing tool/software is an excellent tool for advanced level editors who are in search of unique features related to their tasks. Besides, this software can be downloaded freely from the web. Apart from other free software, instant response within the interface makes the same one among the most user-friendly video editing tools.

The basic features included in this tool includes all standards of resolution ranging from 4K to SD. Another feature is that this tool can be used for primary editing works and the rest of the advanced level editing works can be completed with the help of Adobe.


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