How to Roll a Kayak

Rolling a kayak might seem like the hardest task on the planet. It looks like you need to put a lot of effort and strength into it, and still be unsure about whether you are going to overturn. Here is the good news! Rolling a kayak is not about the physical strength, but about technique. So, if you planned to spend months in the gum to build up muscles – don’t. Through this article, we will prove to you that rolling a kayak is as easy as riding a bike. It is all about routine.

The smooth sea can make a good sailor

You must have heard that the smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. It is true, but as a beginner, you can’t jump into a rough water. It is important to have realistic goals for the very start. You can’t become a skilled kayaker right away, but you can become a good one.

So, it is important to start your journey into the calm water. It will give you the impression of security. The water has to be clear and warm also. There will be a lot of ups and downs if you are devoted to becoming a kayaker. What you can to do help yourself at the very beginning is to find the right surrounding. Jumping right into a stream is something you should never do if you are a beginner. Take baby steps, they will take you to the right path.

What is even better, if you have the chance to spend a few hours to spend a couple of hours kayaking in a pool – take it. Your first experience doesn’t have to be in a river or a lake. Completely calm water will make you feel secure. Wait a bit, adventure is not too far away.

Kayak type

As someone who is completely new in this sport, you want to make sure you buy a kayak which is perfect for this level. Avoid the kayak that is hard to roll. You need an easy to handle one. The most stable kayaks are hard to manage, but since you won’t expose yourself to a risk of getting hurt in the streams, pick a lighter one.

We recommend you to try some of the best inflatable kayaks. You will find a light but safe one and then you are ready to go.

Protect yourself

The water can be very unpredictable. You can never know when the roll will happen. That is why you should be always ready for it. A good dive mask is perfect for these situations. It will enable you to see under the water and keep your course. if the water blinds you, you won’t be able to orientate. This is something you really don’t want when in a kayak. For the safety reasons, buy goggles or a diving mask and prevent the unwanted scenarios.


It is highly recommendable to start learning with a friend or an instructor. They will show you the base for kayaking and give you some useful tips. And besides, it would be boring if you go kayaking alone.

Kayaking Bible

These are the main rules to stick to when kayaking:

  1. Hips- shoulders- head

    This is the order of the moves you should take when your kayak is down. You will, of course, want to get some oxygen as soon as possible, but trying to get your head under the water first will only keep you down.

  2. Snaps

    As we mentioned above, the hips are the first to come out. In order to manage it, you have to get to know hip strategies. You are a beginner, so make sure you learn how to do sweep and C to C rolls.

  3. 90 degrees

    You want to use your paddle right. Beside your mind, body and the kayak, this is the essential object to make a good roll. Always remember that the paddle will do its function only if you do a 90 degrees snap. In every other case, you won’t get the full support.

Remember that everything takes time. Everything you learned to do in life and sports took some effort and practice. The thing with kayaking is the same. Make sure you have a good base, don’t rush into the streams and always bear in mind that the mind power and control are the essentials in this sport.