Best 8 Wordpress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence

WordPress is a great tool no doubt. We all know how much we have enjoyed and benefitted from WordPress as a web tool with the array of plugins it offers.

WordPress by its design is lightweight and designed to accommodate the best open source plugins while still delivering maximum functionality.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for all it’s worth have successfully made an in-road to the web. Web tools and software today have mostly been integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence indeed is the rave now in tech, as it has seen a great application in computer technology. We can find the application of artificial intelligence in apps, GPS devices and computer devices.

When it comes to the applicability of artificial intelligence through plugins to WordPress websites, the functions and benefits are really enormous.

The first function and benefit of artificial intelligence to WordPress websites is that it literally makes your WordPress website smart, providing enhanced and better user experience for the website users.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning when applied to your WordPress website through WordPress plugins also help your website users to personalize their usage of your website.

Another benefit of artificial intelligence and machine learning is that it improves the speed of the website, making the website faster thereby increasing the loading speed of your website.

There are arrays of webmasters today who have really adopted the application of WordPress plugins which use artificial intelligence and that is developed by one WordPress plugins development company or the other in improving their websites.

We are going to critically examine 8 WordPress plugins which makes use of artificial intelligence and which you can apply to your website right away.

WordPress development services have really done a good job to bring us these 8 WordPress plugins.

The 8 WordPress plugins which use artificial intelligence which we shall be discussing are:

  1. Kindred Posts

  2. WordLift – AI powered SEO

  3. Pareto Security

  4. Akismet

  5. WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS

  6. Popup Maker – Popup Forms, Optins & More

  7. Recomendo

  8. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

We shall now examine these plugins in detail.

1. Kindred Posts

Kindred PostsThis WordPress plugin is quite easy to use and actually, do not require the webmaster to do any sweat work doing the setup.

Basically, how this WordPress plugin works is that it uses artificial intelligence to learn the habits of website users and how they use a particular website.

Having learned how the website users and visitors use a website, the plugin then recommends content for the website users based on what interests them.

And as the number of visitors to your website increases, it does not affect the functionality of this WordPress plugin.

However, you are still allowed to introduce modifications to this plugin. You can make changes to how Kindred Posts appears on your website by simply modifying the templates package.

Apart from the ability and possibility to modify this plugin, one important feature of the Kindred Posts plugin is that you can integrate the plugin into Google Analytics.

Kindred Posts does not only use artificial intelligence but it is also open source software. Being open source, this plugin can receive a contribution from any WordPress development company.

This WordPress plugin is currently being used by more than 100 WordPress websites.

How to Activate Kindred Posts

To activate this plugin on your website, all you need to do is to drag the Kindred Posts widget to your WordPress theme and voila, the plugin takes over and begins recommending content to your website users immediately.

2. WordLift – AI-powered SEO

WordLift AI powered SEOWordLift is another noteworthy WordPress plugin that uses artificial intelligence. This plugin is lightweight and makes use of semantic technologies.

This plugin is developed by WordLift, an Italian startup WordPress plugins development company. WordLift lets you organize posts and pages on your website to create a more organized website for your users.

The advantage this plugin offers is that it lets search engines to easily index your website. You can also publish your own knowledge graph using this plugin.

This WordPress plugin is mostly ideal for content creators as it publishes your content as a Linked Open Data.

One of the key features of WordLift is that it helps you to create your own personal Wikipedia. The plugin also makes content recommendations for your website users.

You can also introduce images and interactive visualizations to your content using this WordPress plugin. By using artificial intelligence, this plugin perfectly optimizes your website for search engines.

The WordLift plugin is not free, it comes at a cost. After paying the fee, you receive the WordLift key to activate the plugin for your website. WordLift supports about 32 languages, including Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Norwegian, Finnish, Estonian, Catalan, Slovak, and many more.

Being open source, this plugin can receive a contribution from any WordPress development company.

How to Activate WordLift – AI powered SEO

To activate WordLift – AI powered SEO, you need a WordLift key. After procuring the WordLift key, from your WordPress administration menu, access the Installed Plugins then go to Settings for the setup process.

3. Pareto Security

Pareto SecurityPareto Security is basically a WordPress security plugin which helps to check the inputs into your website from your website users and visitors.

The use of this WordPress plugin is necessitated by the fact that WordPress as well as other CMS platforms is built using PHP, which is a most insecure programming language.

A number of WordPress development services have tried to come up with a number of security plugins to solve WordPress security problems.

However, no WordPress plugins development company has been able to solve this security problem and vulnerability of WordPress as a platform for websites built on PHP programming language effectively.

This is where Pareto Security comes in. Being a full artificial intelligence WordPress plugin, this plugin achieves security for WordPress users by ignoring requests from users which it considers as not interesting.

Any request from users which the plugin considers as a bad request will not be allowed to complete. So this makes the plugin to act as a temporary shield for malicious requests.
The most important features of this plugin are that it is built with a full web application that stops attacks from getting to WordPress.

This plugin also prevents unsecured inputs from reaching your WordPress repository. This function is automatic with Pareto Security. With this plugin, you do not have to worry yourself about customization because the plugin works right in the background, preventing attacks.

Another security feature worth mentioning about this plugin is that it blocks attacks by locking down server errors which can be used to launch an attack against the website.

This WordPress plugin is free and is also open source, which means that any WordPress development company or WordPress development services can contribute to making the plugin more effective. This plugin currently has more than 100 active installations.

How to Activate Pareto Security

To activate Pareto Security on your WordPress website, simply access the Plugins menu from your WordPress dashboard.

4. Akismet

AkismetAkismet is a great WordPress plugin especially, for content websites. This plugin works by checking the comments and contact submissions on your website to prevent the publishing of spam and malicious content.

Akismet has a great filtering ability which makes it possible for it to filter spam and irrelevant comments from your website.

As a website administrator, once you access your website from the backend, you will get to see a bunch of spam and malicious comments from malicious sources which the Akismet plugin has been able to prevent from being published on your website.

This plugin also shows you the link to the spam comments, allowing you to block off these spam comments and content, saving disk space, thereby allowing your website to run at optimum speed.

To be able to use Akismet, you would need a key, which is free for personal blogs and websites but comes at a cost to commercial websites and websites owned by businesses.

Any WordPress development company can contribute to making this plugin better because it is open source plugin. This plugin currently has more than 5 million active installations.

How to Activate Akismet

Akismet is already installed on WordPress. To activate Akismet on your website all you need to do is to click the “Activate” link on the plugin from your WordPress dashboard and it will be activated.

5. WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS

WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVISJARVIS is basically a WordPress plugin which acts as a shop assistant for WooCommerce which helps you to boost sales and orders for your business.

WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS uses artificial intelligence to show reports and statistics for your WooCommerce website such as viewed products.

This plugin is developed by WordPress Plugin Development Company. This plugin can be customized to suit your needs and design. You can customize such properties as the name and font size of the widget.

One of the key features of this plugin is that it helps the shop owner to showcase the products which it wants its customers to notice.

For the shoppers, it enables them to see what products are trending in the store.

This plugin currently has about 30 active installations.

How to Activate WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS

To activate WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS, you simply go to the appearance menu from your WordPress to access the widgets submenu. Then, drag the JARVIS widget to the desired point on your website and the properties will appear immediately.

6. Popup Maker – Popup Forms, Optins & More

Popup Maker Popup FormsPopup Maker is a WordPress popup plugin. This plugin uses artificial intelligence. This plugin allows you to create and also customize your website popups and options as you please. This plugin offers more flexibility than most other WordPress popup plugins.

With this plugin, you can create your popups, options, modal forms and many more. This plugin currently has more than 200,000 active installations.

How to Activate Popup Maker

To activate Popup Maker on WordPress, you will first have to create your unique popup from the Popup Maker widget on WordPress.

7. Recomendo

RecomendoRecomendo is a WordPress plugin which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning and works by recommending content for your website users.

This plugin won’t only be used on a content website but can also be used on e-commerce and woocommerce websites as it helps shoppers and buyers to monitor the activity of the shop.

One of the features of this plugin is that it can show that the shoppers who bought or like a particular product also like another product.

This plugin is easy to use and do not require any form of setup.

This plugin does not currently enjoy too many active installations.

How to Activate Recomendo

To activate Recomendo on your website, you will need an activation code which you are going to receive by email.

8. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware ScannerThe Quttera Web Malware Scanner is a unique WordPress plugin which uses artificial intelligence to scan websites for worms, Trojans, virus and malware. You can perform this function on your website by a single click.

One of the great features of this plugin is that it has the capability to detect even unknown threats and malware that could affect your website.

Another unique feature of this plugin is its blacklisting features which can tell you if your website has been blacklisted by any web authority such as Google or other blacklisting authorities.
The Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin does not only protect the website owner, it also protects the users.

This plugins protection also extends to protection against malicious iframes, auto-generated content, hidden eval codes, redirects, JavaScript code obfuscation and many other threats.
This plugin is open source software. WordPress development services have contributed to making this plugin better.

This plugin currently has more than 10,000 active plugins.

How to Activate Quttera Web Malware Scanner

To activate this plugin on your WordPress website go to Malware Scanner widget from WordPress.

Conclusion :

Indeed, there are quite a number of WordPress plugins which make use of artificial intelligence. These WordPress plugins were put together by different WordPress development services.
For every unique need of your WordPress website, there is a unique plugin that caters to it.

To get the maximum benefit from these artificial intelligence WordPress plugins and to customize them to suit the unique appearance and display of your website get in touch with our WordPress experts.

Author Bio: Tarang Vyas, CTO at Perception System, a leading WordPress Development Company, founded in 2001