Writing Games for College Students

It is not a secret anymore that writing is just a skill that can be developed. Most of the famous writers have been practicing for years before finding their style, being published, etc. There si a big chance you have no intention to become a writer, but being a student you have to cope with the variety of writing assignments, which are not that easy after all. There are conventional way of developing the writing abilities, the professors use them in class — some of them work, some of them don’t, but the fact is, most of them are painfully boring. We have collected several games, or better to say activities, which might be useful for your in terms of the development of writing abilities. Don’t take them too seriously, just go with the flow, and you will the the result rather soon. It is better if you find an opportunity to engage your friends!

Free writing with limited time

Mostly we are concentrated on what exactly to write and get stuck thinking too much about the logical structure, the plot, the synonyms, etc. Try to make your brain relaxed and switch off the self-assessment for some time. Try to write with a flow, on a given subject, under the time pressure. Give yourself 5-10 minutes and just write everything that comes to your mind. You need to write fast. Otherwise, you will have time to think about the plot, etc. You will be surprised later with the fresh ideas you’ve introduced in the process of freewriting. Of course, you can’t submit papers written like this, but you can use it as a way to unplug your creativity.

Writing using creative templates

There are Facebook groups and pages and Instagram accounts in which the variety of creative templates, possible plots of the stories are posted. For example, you can take a look at this Instagram account: @writing.prompt.s. Once you open it, you see the plots of the stories you can elaborate on, for instance: “Dreams are now industrial and profitable. Companies pay to have their products placed in your dreams, government lobbyists pay to subconsciously sway your opinions. Every night is a colorful charade of capitalism. Then, one night, your dream is just black.” It makes your imagination work, doesn’t it?

Writing stories collectively

You give the first line of the story, and someone continues it, and so it goes. It might be not just a line, but an abstract. You can set some rules, some core ideas of the plot, so the story doesn’t go too far. Both options are good. Limitations are useful because normally you have them while writing. Composing without any limits boosts your imagination. If you don’t have peers you can organize such writing activity with, find some online; there are specific websites dedicated to the endless stories.

Rewriting the famous plots

What would happen if Prince Charming didn’t find Cinderella? Ask this question every time you read or watch some famous story, no matter whether romantic, historical or political. Write alternative short stories covering the same situations. To make it more useful and challenging, set some rules. Like, for example, you should not exceed 1000 words, you can’t introduce new characters, or the result of the story should be completely different or reverse. It is an engaging task which makes you see writing as an exciting activity and boosts your creative thinking abilities. You can also make it a group experience or find a writing partner, which will help you discipline yourself.

Participating in online writing quests

There are plenty of online writing quests which might be exceptionally useful for you. Try the games from this list, they are both fun and challenging. Well.. at least some of them. Some of them might seem ridiculous, but they make you think differently and write differently. More of it, they make you engaged, which means you don’t feel an obligation to write, you feel a desire to write. You can find some writing buddies there and continue communicating further online or offline. Who knows, maybe one day you will publish a book together.

No matter how challenging writing assignments are for you, you shouldn’t give up on trying to write better, as this skill is precious in real life situations. Who knows, maybe despite not the best scores for your research papers, you will become a famous creative blogger. Good luck!