It’s Halloween again! Time for trick or treat, endless watching of horror films and multiple reruns of the Blair Witch Project. Your local store will probably be packed up with pumpkins and children will probably eat all kinds of sweets and candy.

Halloween has lately grown to become one of the most popular occasions in the US. This is when adults get the chance to fit into outrageous costumes. Probably, your mobile device gets the least of roles during this festival. However, there are plenty of Halloween game apps to help you get into the Halloween spirit.

This pool of apps will help your kids enjoy by adding some fun to the play. Android users can access plenty of free Halloween apps for Android from the Google play store. These Halloween Apps will make this festival unforgettable, especially when you are indoors.

Halloween Apps to Make Your Halloween Unforgettable

After laying out your Halloween costume and decorating your house, it’s time to indulge in some scary activities. Below is a compilation of Halloween apps that will keep you indulged during this freaky festival:

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

For the iOS users, this is just one among many scary Halloween apps you can enjoy using. Fans of The Walking Dead will particularly like this one. With this app, you can turn any of your cute selfies into a dreading zombie.

To start using this app, you will need to snap a selfie of yourself or import one from your gallery. The app has editing features which allow you to add zombie eyes, props, mouths and even hair. When you’re done editing the photo, you can share it on various platforms including Facebook and the Walker photo gallery. You can extend the fun by voting for your favorite zombie face on the Walker photo gallery.


This is another fun game for both iOS and Android users. With this game, your skull slingshots through the elastic parts of the brain. The whole point of this game is to collect money from deadbeats as an agent for the IRS. The game is packed with ridiculous puns and jokes and proves to be so much fun.

Trick or Treat

This app recreates all the door-knocking fun right from your Android device. Many parents may not consider it safe for their children to be out of the house playing trick or treat. They may be justified to feel that way, especially if they live in large cities or areas with dangerous roads. Trick or Treat is one of those easy Halloween apps to use while indoors during the Halloween festival.

It involves several neighborhoods you can explore. You can go around knocking on several doors per street. The houses you enter could be haunted and scary while others could be warm and cozy. The quality of your treats will earn you points which will accumulate throughout the game.


This game is packed with both the horrific concept and the puzzle to keep you enthralled. Its unpredictable plot and scary sound effects make the game interesting. The game is centered on a rescue mission as a little boy attempts to rescue his sister. This difficult task will require you to pull your best shots to complete the challenge successfully.


Vampify is one of the many vampire game apps that will make Halloween even more interesting. This cross-platform app creates an impression of a vampire that bites and snarls. So, if you’re of curious what you would look like as a vampire, Vampify is the best app for you. The Android version of Vampify is one among the easy Halloween apps that both kids and adults can use to give a tarrying look.

Halloween Party Soundboard

Soundboard is a scary sound effects app that will engage you and your friends during the Halloween festival. This app is pure fun and will scare your friends to the bone. It involves selection of the scariest sound, from Scarecrow to Psycho and setting a delay before the sound can play by itself. Unleash the power of this app by hiding your phone and watch your friends scream soon as the audio plays.

Plants vs Zombies 2

This game is one of the apps Halloween costume cannot replace. I mean, nothing gets better than this award-winning game. The game requires you to come up with a strategy to take on evil zombies using powerful plants.

You get to pass each stage of this game by using the Laser Bean and Fire Peashooter to defeat the undead including the Swashbuckler Zombie. This super game is available for both Android and iOS users.

Hidden City

This game will get you exploring creepy dungeons and fighting monsters in a bid to rescue your friend. On average, you will have 35 spooky locations and well over 2600 quests for you to complete this game. This game will help you keep your brain engaged during the Halloween period. What’s interesting, this game has a support center to help you whenever you’re stuck.

Halloween Vampire Salon

This app is excellent for use by both kids and adults. It has proven to be one of the best Halloween games for kids, giving them endless Halloween ideas. This app presents a wide range of Halloween makeup. To start playing the game, you have to choose one of the characters. It could be Hezal, Jezebel, Afreen or Alisha. From here, the rest becomes fun.

You can decorate your character using the different types of makeup available to make her as attractive as possible. You also have as many costumes as possible to pick. This will help you give your character the perfect makeover. Interestingly, the app is free and enables you to select different characters, costumes, makeups, and styles without any restrictions.


This is an app that probably proves that you can enjoy Halloween activities using Google apps. This app has literary recreated Halloween activities such as knitting, cooking, crochet, cake decorating among others. The app offers a huge collection of supplies, project ideas and even online classes in a bid to help you shape your creativity.

Wait—there’s more about this app. You can download online classes and watch them later, with the option to interact and ask questions to your instructor. Afterward, you can share whatever you come up with on your social media handles.

Halloween City

This app ranks highly among the many apps Halloween offers. It is fun-filled, really, with plenty of options to decorate your city with witches, vampires, werewolves and zombies. It gets better when you create crossbreeds of these characters. As you go up the levels, make sure you collect as many coins as possible to enable you to unlock more items.

Pumpkins vs Monsters

Imagine Halloween without pumpkins. Boring, right? This game presents to you a battle between pumpkins and monsters. Prevent the monsters from reaching you by inflicting damage using pumpkins. This game is so exciting that it will hook you on your phone for hours.


There you have it! With Halloween just around the corner, there will be lots of fun activities for kids and adults alike. Our top 12 best Halloween Apps list will help you pick some to make your experience even more fun! What are your favorite Halloween apps among the ones listed above? Feel free to share other apps that get you into the spooky spirit of Halloween.

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