Holding the job of a CEO entails all kinds of responsibilities, skills, knowledge, and experience. At the same time, it’s normal to want to dress the part in order to exude that sense of professionalism and capability. A great way to dress the part for fashion-conscious CEOs is to use power accessories to your advantage. Accessories can work with a wide range of outfits no matter the type of setting or industry that you may be in.

So which accessories are the must-have pieces that should top the list for any CEO who is looking to make a strong and powerful fashion statement? Here’s a look at the top four.

The Ultimate CEO Briefcase

One of the signature accessories for CEOs has always been a briefcase. Traditionally it has been a classic leather briefcase that doesn’t offer much in terms of fashion, style, or uniqueness. While a briefcase is certainly still a top fashion accessory for CEOs, they have transformed significantly and now offer all new levels of functionality and style.

Today briefcases take on all kinds of forms from soft-sided satchels, to bags that look more like a knapsack, and of course leather options still exist. When shopping for that perfect briefcase, be sure to keep your individual needs in mind – which means consider how much space you need, how you prefer to carry it, if you want separate sections/pockets inside, do you want safe-keeping compartments, does it need a lock, and does it need to be waterproof?

Lapel Pins with Personality

What better way to show your dedication to the company that you head up than by wearing its logo or items related to the company as a lapel pin? And because your needs are probably pretty specific, then there’s a good chance you’re going to want to go the route of a customized flashy lapel pin.

When you take the customization route, then you can choose the logo or design, the size, the colors used, and even the backing. You may even want to have a number of them made so that you can change them up on a regular basis.

Gold Ballpoint Pen On-Hand at All Times

As a CEO, there’s no doubt your signature will be required on documents, briefs, and contracts at all times. With that said, nothing screams professionalism like being well-prepared at all times, including having a pen handy at all times. Whether you choose to store it in your jacket pocket, in your briefcase, purse, or on your desk, a lovely gold ballpoint pen is not only elegant but an incredible accessory to invest in.

This is the kind of piece that doesn’t go out of style and that you will have for many years to come. If gold isn’t really your thing, then a chrome or black lacquer pen can work just as beautifully.

A Leather Folio to Keep You Stylishly Organized

Another big part of being a CEO is the fact you are constantly busy, in meetings, performing multiple tasks at once, and often feeling like you are spreading yourself thin. Keeping organized is not only smart and productive, but it also offers another opportunity to look fashionable.

A leather folio is a fabulous way to keep track of all your important dates, appointments, events, and meetings. You can find folios in all different sizes, with different layouts and features, and in different textiles not just leather. Leather just tends to ooze elegance.

Each of these accessories should be a must-have item for the powerful yet fashion conscious CEO out there. The great part is that a few of these will also help to keep you more organized, which means you can be more effective in your position.