Ace CAT Exam with Byju's- The Learning App

Almost a quarter of a million MBA aspirants take the CAT exam to join their preferred management institute. Over the years, the number of applicants has increased and now CAT is one of the most competitive exams in the country.

Choosing the right preparation strategy is considered as one of the most crucial steps towards CAT preparation. As the exam is taken by students and working professionals, the preparation should be personalised i.e. according to one’s requirements.

So, having a single learning companion for an effective preparation is extremely beneficial for all the CAT aspirants. One such preparation option is Byju’s- The Learning App. With various benefits, the app is being used by several candidates and numerous of them have already aced the CAT in the past years.

How Byju’s is Beneficial for an Effective CAT Preparation?

Byju’s app was launched in the year 2015 and is now downloaded by over a million individuals. The app provides video lessons for the K 12 segment and for other competitive exams including CAT, JEE, IAS, etc. Check Byju’s app reviews to know how it is revolutionising the learning experience of the students.

Byju’s app uses technology integrated learning modules to help the individuals learn more effectively. Some of the distinguishing features of Byju’s- The Learning App are given below that makes the app one of the most preferred educational companion of the individuals.

  • Use of Multimedia Content

Byju’s app for CAT includes several video lessons where the concepts are taught by some of the best CAT trainers in the country. The videos use animations to make the users visualise the fundamentals and retain the concepts for longer. With the use of multimedia, learning from Byju’s app is both engaging and effective.

  • Adaptive Technology

The app uses adaptive technology to personalise the contents tailored to individual needs and requirements. Byju’s app uses big data analytics to analyse the learning fingerprints of the users and present personalised content. With personalised learning, the candidates can learn at their own pace and convenience.

  • Mock Tests and Personal Mentors

Candidates are provided with several sectional and overall CAT mock tests to acquaint them with the actual CAT exam and question types. A detailed analysis report is also provided to the candidates to help them analyse their current preparation level.

Personal mentors are also provided to the candidates to help them clear all their respective doubts at the earliest. The solutions provided by the mentors are one of the best and help the individuals learn various shortcuts to solve a particular question.

  • GD-PI Sessions and Workshops

Several sessions on GD-PI are also conducted to prepare the MBA aspirants for the written ability test, GD and PI of the B-schools. Apart from the sessions, several workshops are conducted to counsel the candidates about MBA and institutes.

With these aforementioned advantages, Byju’s is now one of the most preferred companions for CAT preparation. CAT aspirants can also check Byju’s app reviews for CAT to know how it can aide in an effective CAT preparation.

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