Benefits of Using Shared Hosting for Companies

When you start your business on the web, several questions arise: how to manage my SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? How to give the desire to the internet surfers to visit my site? What is the best way to put a website online? But the first question that any e-entrepreneur has to ask is: what type of accommodation to choose?

What is Shared Hosting? 

Shared hosting is an Internet web hosting mode intended mainly for websites, in a technical environment whose main characteristic is to be shared by several users. This architecture is suitable for sites of small or medium importance and audience, only occasionally soliciting the resources of the computer server (s) hosting (processor, RAM, disk space, throughput). The administration of these is provided by a third party intervener (and not by the owner of the accommodation).

A private server, or virtual server, is a form of shared hosting that stands out at the logical level, because, if the virtual server is only a sub-part of a physical computer server, from a point of view logical and functional it behaves almost in the same way as a dedicated server, except for some specificities concerning the kernel or the file system. The choice between pooling and dedicated server is not exclusive for a computer decision maker

Difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting:

Three types of web hosting exist.

Dedicated hosting – which allows only one user to use all the resources of a server. Often expensive and demanding good computer skills, it is preferred by sites with heavy traffic.

Shared hosting – which allows multiple users to share a single server. Accessible at attractive prices, it offers the possibility to everyone to create and manage their website.

VPS hosting – for Virtual Privat Server, which gives you the same computing capacity as the dedicated server, but which is nevertheless shared equally among the different administrators.

What are the benefits of shared hosting for a young e-business?

When you start a business activity, there are many parameters to consider. Among them, the cost of your investment. Indeed, you may have to invest in the purchase of machine (s), rental of premises, or other. You will need a web hosting solution that is not too expensive. Shared hosting will allow you to have a website, or e-commerce at a lower cost, while giving you every chance to succeed.

This type of hosting also allows you to have a pre-configuration which exempts you from having great skills in computer administration, a non-negligible asset when you cannot afford to use a computer.

How to subscribe to a shared hosting offer?

To do this, simply subscribe to an offer from a professional web host even if you are just a blogger writing about celebrity news or your own personal life. There are many web hosting companies out there which will give you what you need and allow you to benefit from its experience and professionalism in the field.

Offering 5 different offers, you can choose the one that suits you best, with the possibility to modify it if necessary, to support the evolution of your site.

You will have, for any subscription, assistance in case of problems. Equipped with security systems, such as the automatic backup of MySQL databases, Apache Logs, allowing you to find an IP address in case of attempted hacking, or SSL certificate, implementing the HTTPS protocol for enhanced security browsing, reliable web-hosting company offers give you all the guarantees of hosting that secures your data as well as that of your users.

In addition, the management interface is simplified so that you can intuitively administer your site. In one click, you can install any CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, since they are 100% compatible with some companies’ shared hosting offers, and pre installed upon subscription.

The simplest, most intuitive and fastest way to create, manage and improve your website or e-shop is to subscribe to a shared hosting offer from a professional. All you have to do is jump in!