5 Google Maps Marketing Strategies That You Need To Know

Billions of people rely on Google every day, and many consumers are using online searches. This app and the other leading search engines have successfully executed the job of exhibiting business information through Google map applications.

Google is undoubtedly impressive in producing a map application that is already leading when it comes to other map apps in the numbers of searches made. It has even gone as far as providing map results when people search online.

Advantages such as these make Maps an excellent option for those businesses that want to boost their exposure in the market.

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Defining Google Maps Marketing

It is the process of applying Good Maps’ features to make your company easier to find. Using Google Maps can be very useful to large enterprises. However, it’s even more essential for smaller companies.

Aside from that, it allows you, as a marketer, to list your information about your business’s location. After listing your business on the app, it will be searchable and visible on Google. So more eager clients can just locate your business by using the app if you have good SEO strategies.

When used strategically, it can play a vital part in your digital marketing strategy. If local consumers are searching for a place to shop or someone who can give certain services, they are most likely to choose the one that has map listings.

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Whenever an ideal customer is searching for a service or product, this search engine is the first option that most of them will use. If they discover your business first, the possibility of them reaching you will increase considerably.

Most business owners are now investing hugely into local SEO to have a better map standing. Here are some of the reasons to implement maps marketing for your business.

  • You will have the capability to draw locals. Most people are already using their mobile phones to look and learn about a product, compare prices, and even locate a store. With the increasing number of individuals using mobile phones to find businesses locally, it’s essential to have your business listed for customers to find you. If you want to boost your conversion rate, marketing using this app is an excellent option.
  • It allows you to advertise your business, most especially to people looking for the services and products that you offer through the location you provide them. It can be a solid strategy if you want to grow your business.
  • Implementing Google Maps Marketing increases your brand’s visibility. You can also add a logo of your brand that you use on your websites and social media pages to promote your business.
  • When consumers look for services or products, the first place they will head to is Google. Declaring your business online means that anyone can access information about your price, contact details, and location quickly. It will help build trust among your potential customers especially if you give business services to the locals.

Introducing Google My Business

Google My Business is formerly known as Google Places. It is easier for you, as a business owner to have your listing for your business that may visible in search results.

It shows your address, hours of operation, and overall customer ratings. If you have a listing in this app, it will give you a location in Maps.

Furthermore, potential customers will be able to check on your reviews and ratings before going to your store location. That’s why it is essential to make sure that your Google My Business listing is declared and verified because this makes it easier to answer to positive and negative reviews about your firm.

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Google Maps Marketing Strategies

While the site still permits you to view more listings by clicking on more locations, being visible among the top three searches gives you a benefit and edge over your other business competitors.

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If your firm or company is not yet on the top three most searched, here are five easy strategies that you can implement that will boost your visibility and rankings.

Accurate citation

Google checks the internet for correct information on all sites that indicates your business name, address, and your company’s phone number. This makes sure that the information is accurate. If the citation data is incorrect, the site will have a hard time verifying your business data.

In finding any sites that state your brand name, type the name of your brand into the search engine’s search bar and find those citations that mention your brand name. If there is any information that is inaccurate, you can log in and mend it. Also, you can reach the website’s admin and request them to edit the data to match with the information you have on your My Business profile.

Once your business information gets verified, you can already stand out. But pay attention by providing specific information like:

  • Take advantage of Google displaying open hours in search results.
  • Your business introduction in your account is a summary introducing your company, the products and services you offer, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Many disregard the value of this description and miss out more leads from organic search results.
  • Remember that it is a visual program. High definition images can surely make your listing stand out. Businesses that has listings on Google that include images are more appealing than those who don’t have. Optimize and enhance them more by adding any applicable metadata such as keywords and location.
  • Make sure to double check everything. There should be no duplicate listings for your business because Google advises against duplicate listings. Deal with it as soon as possible to avoid ranking penalties.

You can also look any additional inaccurate citations by searching through Google if you had an old listing about your previous business name, address, or phone number.

Construct more citations

Now if your quotes are all accurate, start looking for citations that your competitor have that you don’t.

Using the same steps above, type your competitors brand name, address, or phone number into Google search and recognize and create directories your competitors are in, and you are not.

Create Local Landing Pages

Google ranks different websites based on the data they have listed for them. If a site has a lot of local information, Google can recognize it and serve it to a local audience.

Most importantly, Google doesn’t want duplicate content, that’s why you need to ensure to write original, unique contents.

Google uses your website presence to provide you ranking on maps. Having a weak website presence converts into a lower ranking. To enhance your web presence, make sure to focus on creating unique quality contents, connect with your customers, and have a listing on different local sites and directories.

Build quality links

After correcting your business data on online directories, creating original content, and making more citations, you can already break into the top three rank of the app. However, you don’t just get there and rest. You should still need to work harder to remain on top.

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Building links are one of the best ways to stay on top of local search results. The site uses backlinks to certify your credibility.

Getting high authority sites is an excellent way to remain on top of local search results. And credible links can be a great addition to your ocal maps marketing strategy.

Acquire reviews

Google uses reviews across the web to discover a business’s reputation. It always makes sure to provide users the best possible results. If a business has excellent reviews, this means they provide a good service and is rightful to receive rewards.

However, when people make shopping decisions, they mostly rely on material evidence. That’s why getting positive reviews are necessary.

You need to know that before Google displays your reviews, you need at least five reviews alongside your listing. So here are some simple ways to encourage your consumers to provide reviews:

  • Provide an incentive through discounts or even gifts
  • Ask them after a successful product or service delivery
  • Offer simple directions and scoring to make it easier for them.
  • Communicate with your customers and respond to them appropriately to every given review.
  • If you obtain a negative review, you need to investigate the situation and find a way to resolve it.

Use local keywords

Using local keywords refers to including specific location-based phrases or terms within your website content, meta descriptions, and other online marketing materials. These keywords can help you target local customers who are searching for products or services in your specific geographic area.

For example, if you own a pizza restaurant in New York City, using location-specific keywords like “best pizza in New York City” or “NYC pizza delivery” can help Google understand the location and relevance of your business, and improve the chances of your website showing up in local search results.

Including local keywords in your website content also makes it easier for search engines to match your business to local search queries, which can help you attract more traffic, generate leads, and ultimately, increase your sales.

Specify Service Areas

This is an important aspect of local SEO and Google Maps marketing because it helps Google understand which areas you serve, and allows potential customers to find your business when searching for products or services in their local area.

When specifying your service areas, it’s important to be as specific and accurate as possible. This means providing a list of zip codes, cities, counties, or regions where your business operates. You can also draw a service area on a map to show the boundaries of your service area.

To specify your service areas, you can use tools like Google My Business, which allows you to define the service area for your business. You can also use other online directories, such as Yelp or Bing Places for Business, to provide additional information about your service areas.


Just like any other digital marketing strategies, Maps cannot make your sales increase overnight. It takes time before you can see any outcome. However, it’s a tool that is worthwhile using. And even more, localization can be applied as such an excellent advantage.

Patrick Panuncillon is a passionate leader and CEO of Creative Working Playground. He and his team of experts from the Philippines help their business partners across the globe achieve their fullest potentials through cutting edge SEO techniques and Digital Marketing Strategies. Connect with him now on LinkedIn.