Writing Jobs You Can do from Home

There are a lot of writing jobs you can start at home with no money required. Working from home in your comfort zone is like every person’s dream. Because of this pandemic, it has been a hassle to get jobs outside your house.

To start doing this job, you don’t need to have a big investment or any sort of experience. If you have the right mind set, you can even start your own custom paper writing service.

I’ve gathered a bunch of ideas of writing jobs you can do from home;


This is when you write content for businesses, magazines or an individual. You don’t receive any credit for your writing thus; you can’t use it in your portfolio. This field has a lot of money as being a ghostwriter you can charge up to 5x more than a normal writer.

Article writing

Being a writer means easy money, you can get a dollar for every word but they’re not usually recurring. Many companies publish articles weekly, monthly it really depends on the pace you’re writing in. The faster you write the more articles you get to write. Therefore, this is a very fast way of earning money. You can search online for these jobs or go to your local newspaper shop and ask for work. These types of jobs are very easy to find.

Technical writing

If you know a lot about technology, then technical writing is for you. There’s a great demand for technical writers as a lot of freelancers are not supplying it. Technical writers basically write manuals for companies, policies and procedure documents, technical guides and research reports. A company hires an online writer to make the boring guide more enjoyable to read. So, it’s the writer’s job to bring a little conversational element into a guide.

SEO writing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

This is when you assist websites in ranking high in the Google search. This is a big industry and has a lot of money; only big companies hire SEO businesses to help them with it. There are two types of clients who are in need of SEO business. There are ones that require short pieces with the given keyword throughout the post. Others are who give you writing projects and will give you the keywords they want to use and it’ll be your job to know where to place it. These clients are the ones who usually pay a lot and value writing.

Course writing

You can do some course writing from home and earn some easy cash. A lot of new companies are opening up to new content marketing strategies, these projects usually take months to complete as you have to write a whole course which might be of a few months or a year.

Script writing

Large websites who wish to expand their video content will need script writers to help them write scripts. Many YouTube videos and commercials rely on a script and this is where you come in. This industry is an ever growing industry and won’t stop anytime soon. Many companies, bloggers will seek help from script writers so that their audience finds the best content on their channels.